Very Good News!

Hello readers!

I know blogging has been very slow lately but I’d just like to inform you that my computer is fixed and even though I had to completely erase everything on my desktop/files, I saved and backed up all Jorvik Dreamer files and things. I will have Star Stable installed again soon, and be sure to check my RL blog, Bramble and Blossom, for fashion/beauty, DIY, recipes, photography, and more. I would like to apologize for not posting as often but that will change soon as I am getting my online life back in order.

Just a few heads up about the next two weeks:

-The week of April 20-27 I will be quite busy because on Thursday, I have an orchestra concert so I need to practice.

-The week of April 28-May 3 I will be taking a class trip to Finland and will not be allowed on the web.

-After all of the above, I will get back to the normal blogging schedule and try to post every other day.

Hope you all have a great weekend and week!

P.S.- The Appearance Change feature of SSO does crash after you complete your change, but when you log back in you will have your new appearance. I have reported this to the SSO Team and they have been working on fixing this bug.


School Shenanigans

Herro! It’s me, and I’m at school. :3 

I am messing around with my friends Becca (AKA Kilgy) and Kloe (AKA Klomo)! Also wanted to tell you people that I will be making a  new header soon, it is in development. (Plus: check out this website called

Now, a few words from Kilgy and Klomo!



These are just a few of my weirdo friends. :3 Goodbye!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I know some of my readers and followers are American, so I’m posting this even though I am Swedish. Have a GREAT day full of good food (do you eat ham today?), blessings, and thankfulness. ♥

I’m thankful that I have a roof over my head, a family, food, and all the necessities. I’m also thankful for the SSO team and all of my lovely readers. ♥

What are YOU thankful for?

Autumn Break

My school has an event every year on the Friday before autumn break. I played my violin at this event. And sung. But not the point. Let me tell you a story of what happened this time.

It all started the day before when our teacher told us that the boys couldn’t take off their blazers, and the girls couldn’t take off our sweaters. (Much to our dismay, because 1. the sweaters are oversized and yellow and 2. it gets so hot in the chapel) So we grumbled and the next day, we all sat down to start our program. After the prelude (which I played hehe) we all sat down and then stood again to say a prayer. It was then that my close friend Henry started swaying on his feet, fell back (thank god there was a chair under him), and started sliding forward. He had FAINTED. I was freaking out, because his eyes were still open but all glazed over. He had absolutely no colour in his face, and was not responding. Everyone said, “Leah and Liv, CALM DOWN!” But it was hard because Liv and I are really good friends and we care for our fellow orchestra players. In the end, Henry was led outside for fresh air and came back in good as new. And guess what? It was all my teacher’s fault who told everyone they had to wear their jackets and sweaters. According to Henry, he had fainted because he got too hot. I’m just glad he’s okay.

So, after that riveting tale, here is the SSO related news: I will be home the whole week, so come on in and comment below your autumn plans if you’re out as well.


Hey everyone! I am going to be away from the blog and the game for about 2 weeks. Don’t worry, I’m still going to be on for the updates and such, but I will not be on extensively.

Why? I am going to be performing in my school’s annual fall concerto. I play the violin and sing in the chamber choir, so I have my hands full. I am practicing A TON for this, and SSO comes first… after academics and music. I am sorry that I will not be on, but this is for my orchestra and choir group. Thanks for understanding. :)