A Sad Event

Hello everyone- especially Snow Riders. Tonight the club is going to have a camp-out and BBQ, but our club owner is on leave due to personal issues. We will be having the camp out, but also a mourning moment for the friend Ally had who died IRL last night. If you are not in the club and would like to come, please comment below.

Everyone, please pray for Ally. She needs it now.


37 thoughts on “A Sad Event

  1. Wait I thought ally died…… Srsly?! Omg.. I’m so sry.. But then sim said that “she thought ally actually died” and then u said “lol” so… ??

    • Hi Bella! No, Ally did not die. However, she had a friend who died. :) This blog is no longer active, but if you would like to follow my other SSO blog, do so here:

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