Horses n’ Hair

Heller everyone! I haven’t posted in a while. This will be a long post.


I got her! I got the Chestnut! She came home with me on Christmas Day. I love the color of her coat, it reminds me of apple cider, fall, and cozy blankets. Her name is Autumn Kiss, AKA Ginger. She has a sweet personality, loves apples, and will do ANYTHING to go swimming. Ginger also loves racing, which gives the hint that she may be my new championship horse once she is fully leveled. At the moment, Ginger is level seven. I look forward to training her and spending time with her. I love you, Autumnkiss! Here are some pictures of her. :]


There she is, in all her glory. People stop to gaze at her…


I have terrible handwriting when using a mouse… indeed I do… But here is Ginger and I at the café, walking to the Harbor Race.


I also purchased new hair as you can see in the header and in the pictures above. Firstly, I’d like to say that I was inspired by the movie Frozen to have this hair. I wanted to look like Elsa. Also, I just like the long, free, light style and color of this hair. Here’s a picture.


I may change my makeup to something else, though.


New Header

The new design is up. I love it.

The glowing hands are fragments of Aideen’s Light. The light is also mixed with Madelyn’s best soul rider power: spark. Now you understand fully.

Decisions, decisions…

Well, here’s a post about my ponders of star stable…


When I was new to Star Stable, I wanted a feisty, loyal, brave Friesian. Then I wanted a quick, cunning Appaloosa. Now, I’m not sure. I feel like I want the chestnut Andalusian. She  (yes, I checked on genders) is very tall, graceful, and beautiful. She radiates light and love. She nuzzled me when I checked her out. She is very healthy and lean, and muscly. I may buy her. In that case, we’ll need a change of headers.  


Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Eve and you are having a GREAT day!

Here’s a Christmas Card with the updated family. (More about that below).


Merry Christmas Everyone! Have a day full of joy, peace, and the love of the Lord!

From left to right: Carrot, Dark, Mist, and Snow.

Anyways, about the updated family.

I got lifetime from my AWESOMELY EPIC PARENTS (if you are listening Mom and Dad), so naturally I wanted a new horse with the star coins hue hue hue. So I decided that Dream, my Andalusian, would go and so would Night. She just didn’t fit. =/

But I am currently horse hunting for a new steed to take their places in my stable! So yes.


Hi! Merry Christmas Eve! I’m working on a special gift for all of you readers! It will be done soon. In the meantime, here’s a small edit to make this post not so boring. XD


It isn’t much, I just edited the snow, the rocks, Dream’s mane and tail, and my hair. The footprints turned out terrible. Oh well. It’s the thought that you made something decent that counts.


Here’s a poll for a new background, I’m not sure if I want to keep this design. So I’ll let you decide. Here’s the one I MIGHT do.

The Present Delivering

Here are pictures of the quest ‘A Magical Christmas Night’.


I think this is a wonderful quest! It is very detailed and the music is cute! ♥


There is one diss, though. You have to get 35 chimneys filled. Too much in my opinion. Maybe twenty five would have been better.


Yep… flying food…