You Choose The Topic

My first ‘You Choose the Topic’ post!


How to suggest:

• Comment on this post with your idea for what I should post

What you can post:

• Ask for outfit ideas

• Ask for an opinion

• Ask for a glitch or something

• Ask for a tutorial

• Anything else

What you CAN’T post:

• Ask for a real life picture of me

• Ask for inappropriate things to be posted

Any comments that are in the last section will be denied and deleted.


Ask away! I will pick the best one soon.



New Design

I’ve changed the design and I really like how it looks! The photo was from last night at about 1:00am. I had never seen the sky like that, it was beautiful. The sparks make it so pretty as well. I also changed the background image, which I made myself. Hopefully the new design seems cozy to all of you faithful readers. ♥

I will no longer be following my schedule for those who saw that post. It stresses me out too much and I don’t really have a lot of time for posting. The blog will roll on usual, with a few new things. Every week I will have a, ‘You Choose The Topic’ post. You can comment on this post saying what you want me to write about. Whether it be a ride, an opinion, a how I question, or anything, I will pick the best one and share my thoughts! The post will come after this one. :)


, Maddy

Madelyn’s Favorites

Thought I would post some of my favorite stuff.

Songs – Counting Stars, Little Talks, Team, and Everybody.

Movies: Frozen, The Sound of Music, HARRY POTTER (Favorite: Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2)

Animals: Horses, cats, and hippogriffs.

Update Review for 3.26.14

Ferdinand’s horse market!

Three new beautiful horses have arrived in the Harvest Counties. You’ll find these stately steeds at Ferdinand and Eddie’s horse market, a new, traveling fair who just now happens to be at the arena by Jorvik Stables.

New horses:
– Three wonderful horses have arrived the horse market in Jarlaheim. Two stately Friesian sport horses, and one beautiful Andalusian!

Beautiful horses!

Horse market:
– Ferdinand and Eddie runs a horse market with which they travel around Jorvik. Recently they arrived to Jorvik Stables in Jarlaheim, where they’ve set up the market at the arena. Make sure you ride there and check them out before they pack up and go someplace else!

New quests:
– Running a horse market can be tiring work. Things have a way of breaking apart when you’re travelling on the road, and there is much to keep oneself busy. Ride to the horse market and see if you can help Ferdinand and Eddie land in the Harvest Counties.

New store:
– A new store with both gear and clothing has opened at Ferdinand’s horse market by Jorvik Stables.

Ferdinand’s horse market.

Best regards,
The Star Stable team

Good: finally some Gypsies! Or erm “fresian sport horses” according to sso. I really love that they are combining quests, clothing and horses in one update like this. 


Bad: Recycled fresians again, or are they? They look a bit different. 

Rainf: 8/10

Ponders of Tomorrow

Well, tomorrow is Wednesday. I’m fairly excited, because like always, we want new horses, areas and clothes. I have looked in the SSO data files and I have found Gypsy Horses, or Gypsy Vanner files. :D I can’t wait – they are my favorite breeds. And, from the looks of, they will be adding Shires and Fjords as well soon. Goodbye for now, see you tomorrow.