You Could Win- A Drawing of Your Character!

Hello people!

I feel like most of my readers have disappeared because no one is commenting and I’m hardly getting any views. It’s lonely. However, I want to switch things up a bit, so I’m hosting a contest.

You could get a drawing (made by yours truly) just by entering this little contest.


SSO Username:

Pic of Your Character (send an Imgur or Photobucket or blog link):

Why You Love SSO:

All the entrees will be entered in a bucket and one will be pulled out to win!

Celebrate! Here’s A Free Code!

Hello my sweet little followers! Today, though it’s only Monday, I am going to give away a free promo code for two colour block codes celebrating the release of Hidden Dinosaur Valley! So, here you go.


That’s the code, and I daresay you’d better wear these shirts somewhere other than the tundra because it’s going to get cold up there!TWOTEES

If you miss out on the code, you can also buy these for free in the Moorland lifetime shop for free.