A Notice About Comments

Hello everyone! I should be at school but I stayed home because I have an ortho appointment.

So as most of you know, I use my aunt’s e-mail. I found SSO when I was visiting her in America, and downloaded it to her e-mail. Her e-mail is also used for this blog. So, when someone comments, WordPress notifies my aunt. Pointless spam comments like: hi, can you come on Star Stable, blah blah blah are utterly pointless. I talked to my aunt on the phone a few days ago and her inbox had over 50 comments, plus her personal stuff. So I’m going to do something about it.

1. If you post spam comments such as:


-can you come on sso

-Anything with chatspeak

-Personal questions

You will be denied, and comments will be disabled for about a week.

2. If you comments become disabled, I will ask all of you to mail me on Star Stable with questions about:


-Star Stable

-My SSO Life

if you have any.

3. The above encourages players to actually use the mail system in Star Stable, and I guarantee that my mail box will NEVER be full, so mail me whenever.

4. This also goes for my RL blog, and replying to comments I post on fellow blogger’s pages. I will ignore, and delete, my¬† comment.

This is not for me. It is for the wellbeing of the blog, the players, and my aunt’s overloaded inbox. I hope you all understand.

Update & Update Review – 1.2.14

Dine with your friends!

Hello! Hope everyone’s had a wonderful holiday and a happy new year! We’re starting the new year by introducing a new feature: Cafe! And what’s better after a holiday bore than dining with your friends?
Cafe: – Our wonderful cafes in Jorvik are opening so you and your friends can enjoy a nice meal together! Ride to one of the cafes in Jorvik, sit down, and one of our waitresses will be with you shortly. Order a cup of tea and a doughnut, or maybe a piece of raspberry pie and a smoothie?
If you want to chat while eating, simply press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard and the chat interface will pop up.
Time to eat!

Time to eat!
Best regards, The Star Stable team

OMG I just wished that we could do this. :D I can’t wait! I’m going to log in RIGHT NOW.

Downs: Nothing

Rating: 10/10


Still no Horse Island. Hopefully it will come soon.