Goth Makeup

Anyone remember when I had goth makeup? xD

C’mon Ally, it wasn’t that bad.


Fall/Winter Look

I’m considering going with a bronze/ orange look with my long red/brown hair. What do you think?

School has Begun!

Hello everyone,

School for me has officially begun, meaning I will not be on the game or posting on the blog as much. So, that being said, here are some plans for the blog and for me!

• The new fall design is in the works.

• There will be a Halloween drawing contest. Details are on the way.

• My RL blog ( is currently on hold.

• Sabine’s chapter of In The Dark will be coming in the middle of September.

• As SSO’s birthday is approaching, I’ll be posting some theories about potential new areas and such.

There you have it. There will be a decrease in posts for the next few weeks. However, I am not taking a blogging break, so keep checking in. I’ll post three times a week at the least.


Double SC!

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I got some brushes from Obsidian Dawn (great place if you need GIMP or PS brushes) today. The set included all of the essentials to draw eyes! So I gave it a shot and here’s how it turned out.


It’s not that good, but I’m pretty happy with it. That is my editing signature. I just like the name sushi for no reason. It’s mine so please don’t copy.

Brush link: 

Anddddd I did a really bad edit.

The Demon Infested

I need to get some hair brushes and find a better clothes technique. The picture is called ‘The Demon Infested’. Alyssa Winternight and I have a secret: our grandfather is Mr. Sands. We inherited some of his dark powers and so sometimes we show our dark sides…

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the fruits of my labor. All images ©Madelyn Applenight, 2014. I will find you if you steal my artwork and will eat you.

To Move? Or Not to Move?

I really want to move back to Valedale. I love it there with its cozy little cottages, towering mountains, little café, and the wonderful Hollow Woods. However, I have lived there before and seen the ups and downs. I’ll talk to Ally about it, but in the meantime, how about you guys vote on if I should move from the Manor to Valedale!