Training Tuesday

(Sorry about not doing Sunday or Monday’s posts. I’ll try harder.)

I trained Marshmallow earlier. He did really well and got up to level 5! I trained alone because Ally went to horse riding lessons in real life, but I would have trained with her. ♥

Here’s a tip: Train your horses up to level 13, then you can keep training and compete in championships at level 13.


Oh my, this is a beautiful picture. It was edited in Gimp by Simone Lionwood. It’s so amazing.

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Welcome to The Family

Well I got a new horse. I couldn’t resist it, he is adorable!



This is Marshmallow!

Name: Sapphireshadow aka Marshmallow

Gender: Stallion

Age: 3 years

Size: About 13 hands

Breed: Selle Français

Color: White

Information: Marshmallow is a sweet, caring, and loving stallion who is pretty sensitive. He loves apples, carrots, and oranges. Marshmallow loves to swim and is a great racer. He loves all of his stable mates, but they are still getting used to him.

Sapphire was brought from France with a few other horses of the same breed. He was pampered by his previous owners, but they had to sell him because they were moving away. He was sold to a horse dealer who whipped and mistreated him. Marshmallow was bought by me when I was in a show jumping contest with Ginger in Paris a few weeks ago. I had to convince the man to let me buy the sweet stallion who was beaten into submission by his owner. I felt a bond with Marshmallow as soon as I stroked his neck and fed him an apple. He was shipped to Jorvik within two weeks with other horses that the Baroness had ordered.

Marshmallow is pure white with streaks of light grey in his tail as well as grey rings around his dark, chocolate-brown eyes. His hooves are silver, which means he came from Soul Horse origins.

He only trusts me and the horses as well as my cousin Ally, who gave him his first carrot. (Haha) He doesn’t trust anyone else because of how his owner treated him, not even the stable girl.

I can tell that sweet Marshmallow will grow into a wonderful companion and hunter/jumper. He is REALLY good at jumping and racing.

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Funny Friday/Winner

Well today is Funny Friday. Here’s the hilarious picture.


(Click to enlarge)

Having fun with your feet submerged in Ginger’s back, Johanna? I don’t think she likes that, stable woman. XD Just had to post that.


The winner that guessed the right horse was Autumn Ponypaw. Good job, Autumn! Here’s your autograph. (It would have been neater had I used my tablet, but no, it was dead).


This is © Madelyn Applenight and Jorvik Dreamer, 2014. No stealing. Do the crime, do the time.


Hope you enjoy it, Autumn!


Yeah, I’m talking about the Comet Hooves. They’re mean – so watch out for them. They are very selfish and don’t like anyone. So watch you and your friends backs. They always try to friend you and then they won’t be nice. This isn’t gossip, this post was suggested by a friend. That picture is […]

New Horse

I bought a new horse a while ago. Your job is to guess what kind of horse it is! The winner will receive a picture of me with an autograph. I’m not taking more than 12 comments so hurry up.