The Rise of Garnok, Chapter One Part One

This morning as I was laying in bed, thinking, I got the sudden urge to write. So, I ran into the office and found my Rain Will Fall drafts and decided, well I can’t put ALL of this in Rain Will Fall. Maybe it’s time to incorporate these ideas into the sequel. And today, in this post, I will do just that. You can read Rain Will Fall entirely if you search up Rain Will Fall in the search bar. :) So, with my cup of coffee and my computer, here I am writing the second instalment of the Soul Chronicles.

The Rise of Garnok

Book 2 of the Soul Chronicles by Madelyn Applenight

Chapter One, Part One

 I reach out in the darkness with my free arm, the other holding the small fluffy mass of a kitten called Kor. I grope for Lisa, any part of her. There is no light here. Only evil and wickedness. The black here is suppressing. I want to give up. I want to go home. There is no way, though. The portal from Pandoria is closed, and it vanished along with our faces. “Ali! Ali!” There is a voice to the left of me. I reach out with my free hand and find Lisa’s arm. “I’m here.” I say. Kor mews in the darkness and we face the other voice that had sounded. “You have come. I knew you would. Soul Riders can be so, so gullible sometimes.” The voice says in a dark, also hissing voice. “There is no way out for you. None. Lisa nor you, Ali, have the power. I possess the only one who does.” As the voice says this, there are footsteps in the darkness. They are barely audible, and the person attached to those quiet feet must have been a girl. “Garnok, let them go!” Another voice, this one probably belonging to the small feet.  “They do not deserve this.” she says. Lisa stiffens. “A-Anne?” she stammers, taking a few steps forward. “Lisa?” The girl’s voice says. “Yes. It is me. Oh Anne, save us!” Lisa pleads. “Quiet, you bumbling fools!” The dark voice hisses.

The girl, Anne, shuffles toward us. An arm reaches out of the darkness and I can see it. It emits a low, glowing light. I can now see our surroundings. We are in a cave with long spikes hanging down from the ceiling. I don’t dare to look towards the voice of darkness, terrified of what I may see. “You must get out of here.” Anne says. I stop her. “Wait, you know eachother?” Lisa nods. “Anne is a Soul Rider too. Anne, this is Ali, Shea’s little sister.” I nod and give a faint smile at Anne, though this is not the time for smiling. “Oh, for the love of all things evil, just BE QUIET!” The voice booms. Red eyes stare out of the darkness. “Good. Now listen. I am Garnok, the one who destroyed Aideen. However, her flighty little spirit landed in Alicia… and so now I will get my revenge by getting rid of Aideen, once and for all.” he hisses. Lisa grabs my arm tighter, and emotion wells up inside of me. Sadness, fear, anger, revenge, and disgust. “You cannot take me. No one can. So LEAVE ME ALONE!” I scream. Anne pats my shoulder. “Create a portal. You did it in the Secret Circle. Now do it here.” She says urgently. “For now, I must go. Do not be afraid, for I will find you all soon.” Anne runs to the back of the cave and shoots powers up to the red eyes. I harness all my emotions and stretch out my arm, close my eyes, and then let go. All of my emotions, all of them come shooting out my hand in the form of a pink, swirling portal. Lisa waves goodbye to Anne, I grip Kor tighter, and then we both jump.


The world flies by in a swirl. Worlds, dimensions, and time travel by. Finally we fly out of a portal somewhere. It’s cold, snowing, and freezing. “Oh, good God, man!” A lady snaps at a hunched over, spindly man. Next to our impact point, a man in a tribal parka is writing and murmuring to himself. Lisa stands and brushes snow off of her jacket. “Um, excuse me… I think we just flew out of a portal and into your camp.” She says, tapping on the man’s shoulder. The man turns around. He has warm brown eyes, olive skin, and a full beard. “Oh, hullo. Portals? Hah, there are stranger things here in the Valley.” I stare up at him, confused. “Who are you?” I ask. He chuckles warmly. “Oh, I’m Nic Stoneground, of course. And you’re in The Valley of The Hidden Dinosaur!”


I’m Back From… Stuff

I know I haven’t posted in AGES, and I need to make up for it. I will continue blogging, just not so often. :)

Christmas Card Results!

Morning, everyone! Yesterday it sNoWeD and so it is very icy. I don’t think church will take place today because of that. Hehe. So, I have a free day full of Star Stable, Minecraft, and cooking. And of course blogging or DIYing. (This is a timed post, so you may not see it until around 8:00 AM)

I looked at the team’s Facebook, and the final winners were announced. I did not win, but a lot of other talented artists did! I hope that if you are reading this and you won, CONGRATULATIONS! YOU DID GOOD! I’m a bit bummed out but am happy for the winners. It’s an honour that I at least made it to the finals!


Star Stable Resolutions!

So, if I have RL resolutions, why not ones in SSO? Here are a few I came up with that you may want to follow.

•Don’t go over my time limit (2 hours in the morning, 3 in the afternoon only on weekends. 1-2 hours on weekdays)

•Don’t slack on leveling (AT LEAST train each horse to level 10)

•Feed my horses and don’t do stable care (BUY HAY EVERY DAY!)

•Spend more time with friends. (Café, meet-ups, club events)

Notice About Comments… Again

Hope everyone had a happy New Year! I’ll be posting a few of my resolutions on my RL blog, if you’d like to check them out. Also, I got glasses. They are those geek-chic type ones… I like them and can see a lot better now. A LOT. My left eye was all gimpy when trying to edit a picture (no pun intended) on GIMP and so I couldn’t see. Anyways, I have some rants/important stuff over comments.

First, thank you to everyone who has very productive, somewhat inquisitive, useful comments! However, a few of you (not pointing fingers, but you know who you are) have been posting spam comments, pleads, etc. Telling me that you follow this person’s blog and blah blah blah and that if I don’t follow them, you’ll stop following me, does not accomplish anything on either of our parts. Neither does saying ‘COME ON SSO’ every five minutes. So I’d like to say, PLEASE stop posting comments if they aren’t productive! I do not want to disable comments, but I may have to if certain people continue to act this way. So here are some new ground rules for commenting.

EDIT: Don’t try to weasel in a comment asking for me to come on along with something about the post.

•If you are going to post a comment, please make it about the post. Otherwise, keep it to yourself unless it is so important that you must. If it is, post in in the Chatroom.

•Please don’t use extensive capital letters. It hurts my eyes and I interpret it as yelling/screaming/raging all the way. You may emphasise a few words with caps if necessary, but don’t overdo it.

•Spam is not to be tolerated. Askimet (those who have blogs are familiar with this spam filter/sensor) is already bogged down with spam from people commenting. You will be asked to stop commenting, and your comments will be deleted or turned into notices.

•Asking me to come on Star Stable is not cool. I come on when I want to, and other things come before a game. I don’t live in my desk chair.

•Don’t threaten, curse, or criticize me unless you have a NICE suggestion to make. I will create a “Suggestion Box” page soon. If you do any of these things, your comments will be deleted.

•I will periodically start conversations in the Chatroom. Please ASK first on the “Inquiries” page, which is about to be created, if you want to start a conversation.

I hope everyone understands. These new rules are not to make anyone mad, sad, or embarrassed, but I just want to make the blog a friendlier, more productive community that everyone can enjoy. :) Thanks for understanding!