No More Apologies

Hello everyone.

I can’t apologize anymore for my inactivity.

I can’t promise anything.

I always procrastinate.

I have abandoned you.

However, though I am sad to say that the blog is sort of going downhill, I want to try to revive it. I have decided that, soon, I will have a few guest bloggers on this SSO blog.

If you want to guest blog, please comment below. ↓

I think that this will be fun for everyone. Once you comment, I will review your comment and send you some stuff on your blog about guest blogging.

Again, I have no apologies, but I hope that with your help, this blog can flourish again.



Christmas Preparations

Hello my lovely, cheery, readers! I’m starting Christmas on the blog early this year with a new theme and header which will be coming tonight, or tomorrow afternoon. Also, there are a few surprises in store for my followers!

2014 Advent_secretsanta1

This year, I am going to be introducing a new event. Jorvik Dreamer’s Secret Santa! I’ve had this idea for a while, and finally put it into action. Here’s how it works.

Each one of my followers and fellow SSO bloggers will receive a name, and they have to come up with a cute gift to give them. For example:

I give Ally Sim’s name, and she comes up with the gift: “Free Trail Ride With Me”, a few days before Christmas Ally would give Sim her gift.

Gifts included can be:

-A Free Edit

-Trail Ride

-Meet Up

-Club Invitation (only for people without a club; please notify me if you do not have a club)

-Free Posts On The Giver’s Blog For a Week (you’ll have to sign a contract for this, contact me through SSO mail or comments if you need one)

You could come up with more, but they would have to be OKed by me first. I don’t recommend buying a player Star Coins. I’m interested to see whether or not you people can come up with some awesome ideas! Again, if you need to contect me, please do not send an e-mail. As I have said, I use someone else’s email and I doubt they would appreciate some random person mailing me. Visit the Contact page (under About) which will be up soon, for more information. Also, not asking for anything, but gifts to the hostess of this event (WINK WINK) are appreciated. ;) You will receive your name through Star Stable mail tomorrow evening. You have until December 19th at 6:00PM eastern time to come up with your ideas and send them to me.

2014 Advent_secretsanta

This year, I’ll be doing another Advent Calendar. However, I do not want to be pressured/forced to do this, so I’ll be doing small pictures and maybe little greeting cards and such. Maybe even a contest. :D

So, that wraps up the blog’s Christmas updates for now. You never know, I may have more things in store for all of you wonderful lovelies!


Hey everyone! I am going to be away from the blog and the game for about 2 weeks. Don’t worry, I’m still going to be on for the updates and such, but I will not be on extensively.

Why? I am going to be performing in my school’s annual fall concerto. I play the violin and sing in the chamber choir, so I have my hands full. I am practicing A TON for this, and SSO comes first… after academics and music. I am sorry that I will not be on, but this is for my orchestra and choir group. Thanks for understanding. :)

Haters Gonna Hate?

My eyes were opened to this extremely wonderful post by Zoella, which you can find on her blog at

So Zoe’s post was about internet hate. It’s something that has been going around for a long time, particularly since YouTube came out. And it’s getting worse. Stalkers, *ahem* perverts, and all of these terrible people out to get innocent people like you and me are getting stronger. Why? Because we’re not doing anything. Most of us, and I admit I’ve done it too, just stand around scoffing at the mean people, telling them to be quiet or just ignoring them if we’re the victims. It’s time we put a stop to this. That phrase Haters gonna Hate doesn’t help either. It’s just telling you to be yourself (which is good), but it is also teaching people that what they put out there and people’s responses to it doesn’t matter. Well, it does matter.

Here’s a scenario you should imagine.

Person 1: *Creates video and posts a cute video of cat*

Person 2: *Creates video of themselves in tighty whities and no shirt*

Person 1: *Looks at that video and sees comments* (NASTY comments, mind you)

Person 2: *Is stalked on the internet*

Person 1:* Stands around, hiding themselves from the stalker and haters*

Person 2: *Keeps getting bullied*

Person 3: *Sees video, reports it and the comments*

Person 1: *Keeps standing around*

Person 2: *Realizes what they’ve done*

Person 3: *Keeps on reporting and taking action*

So who will you be? Person 1, Person 2, or Person 3? A bystander, a violator and victim, or an action taker? I should hope you say Person 3. Stop standing around. Stop hating. Stop putting stuff on the net that you shouldn’t. Be the one person who stands up, reports, and supports what’s right. Do the right thing. Just try it, just once. And this goes for real life too. If you’re being bullied in SSO, take a picture and send it to the team. You may not get a response, but that person will be punished. If you see someone else being bullied, stalked, or anything else, report it and take action. Remember Person 3.

Please reblog this so we can spread the word.