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Christmas is coming to Jorvik!

Hello everybody! In Jorvik there are plenty of tasks in need of doing before Christmas, and as usual the Christmas preparations begins now! The weather forecasters in Jorvik promises a white Christmas, but they’ve heard it comes late this year…
Christmas preparations in Silverglade: – Everybody in Jorvik cherish Christmas. But there’s a lot of things that needs to be in order to get the best holiday celebration possible, and the councilman in Silverglade Village needs help with the traditional Christmas bustle this year as well! To be able to do the holiday missions you need to be Star Rider and at level 5 or above.
Holiday missions in Jarlaheim: – Christmas is coming to Jarlaheim as well! Ride to the town square in Jarlaheim and speak to Santa…
Ho ho ho... Ho ho ho…
Christmas Wishes: – Some of the holiday missions will give you “Christmas Wishes” as rewards. These wishes can be exchanged for random presents at Santa’s in Jarlaheim. Since he’s giving random presents you might end up receiving the same present several times. His bag of gifts contains approximately 50 different presents!
This is how it works:

  • A Christmas Wish is exchanged at Santa’s for a random present!
  • Three Fragments of Christmas becomes one Christmas Wish, which later can be exchanged at Santa’s for a random present!
  • To be able to exchange Fragments of Christmas or Christmas Wishes you need to have them in your backpack.
  • You need to be Star Rider and have played far enough to be able to get to Jarlaheim to exchange your Christmas Wishes for presents at Santa’s.

Christmas ornament! Christmas ornament!
Daily Christmas preparations: – When you’ve completed the holiday missions in Jarlaheim, the daily Christmas preparations begins! These will also give you Fragments or Wishes! The daily Christmas preparations will increase week for week the closer we get to Christmas.
Christmas stores: – Christmas stores have opened in the Moorland Stables, Silverglade Village, Cape West Fishing Village, and in Jarlaheim! Ride there and look at the adorable Christmas outfits and gear! Every week new clothing and gear will be added.
Best regards, The Star Stable Team

Thumbs Up: OMG mittens,  Santa, all the Christmas! Yay!
Thumb Down: No snow

Rating: 10/10


Delicious Cake (If You Know What I Mean)


It’s double SC weekend, so I bought some star coins. I had my eyes set on a little pony in Harvest Counties at Lower Goldspur Farm.


Hehehe. I bought four hundred.

Once I extracted the money from Jarlaheim Bank, I traveled to Goldspur Farm.

I signed paperwork and talked to Jakob about the little pony. He said that he was a ‘scaredy horse’, but that he was very sweet. So I bought him!