Ally N’ Maddy

This post is dedicated to my in-game BFF and cousin, Alyssa Winternight.

My best friend in the game is Alyssa Winternight. We met each other by chance on a snowy day during holiday break in Global Chat. We friended each other at the same time! Soon, we became great friends. Thought I would talk a bit about Ally.

Ally is her nickname!

She knows a little bit of Swedish, just like me. (Though I know a lot.)

Ally is my in-game cousin.

She loves roleplaying.

Ally doesn’t like it when I beg to do champs. (You know you love them too! XD)

We fight sometimes, usually over silly things like not saying BRB.

We both LOVE horses.

Ally has the same two coat color of ponies I have! Snowy white and Dappled brown.

We are best friends, no matter what.

Here’s an edit I did after we both swam and had a girls’ afternoon alone, without any club hubbub or championships. First we went sliding down the hills in Everwind, did races around Silverglade (I love those barrel and balloon races, by the way), and lollygagged around. Then we went to our house and went swimming and had a picnic. Then we did the GHV championship together!


Click on the picture title to view the picture.

And then, for Ally, a random picture of Dark’s teeth.


AND A FREE DESKTOP BACKGROUND, BY ME! This is copyrighted. No stealing. – wiggles finger –


Love ya, Ally!


The Results!

And the winners are….


Amanda Moonfield

and Alyssa Winternight!


Congrats, girls! Your prize is a custom drawing of you and your horse! :D


Thanks to everyone else who entered as well!

Giveaway Closed – AL

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted. Been working on Autumn Legacy. I’ll be done with it soon!

I have also been writing down names for the giveaway. The winners will be chosen today! Good luck if you entered.


The winners are chosen randomly. I write down names on pieces of paper and then drop them in big crystal bowl. Then I’ll pull 2 names out!

Good luck everyone! :O

100th Post Giveaway/Shoutouts

Hello everyone! I am going to be doing a 100th post giveaway as I did with the Christmas Giveaway. The prize will be different this time, and I’m not sure what it will be. I’ll edit this post to include the prize.

Anyways, here come the info!


– The date for all entries to be submitted is Wed. January 22, 2014, at 5:00 pm.

– Simply post a comment on this post saying ‘I would like to enter’ along with the words milkshake gun.

– I will be randomly choosing out of a big bowl the names of people who have entered.

– There will be a maximum number of 2 winners.

– DO NOT beg to be picked out of the bowl. You may or may not be picked. So, with that said, do not beg! ;)

– You will get your prize by February 1st if you have won.

– Invite your friends to the blog to enter!

So with all that said, I would like to give some shoutouts to some special people who make the blog really great, who comment often, and who are nice. :) Also people I like in game. ;D


The second shoutout goes to Alyssa Winternight, who is one of my best friends. Love ya Ally!

The third shoutout goes to dramahog, a fellow blogger, who comments a lot!

The fourth goes to Maggie Duskfield, for commenting and supporting the blog!

The fifth goes to Rachel Mistwood, who has an epic blog!

The sixth goes to SSO Ride-Throughs!

The seventh goes to Abbie Frogcake, my BFF.

The last goes to all you people you are present!

Well, thanks everyone! :D

100th Post


This is just amazing! 100 posts! I would like to say a few words.


Firstly, I would like to thank all of the blog followers for supporting me and posting comments, following, and mailing me in game as well. I would like to give shout-outs to some of my wonderful followers and such, as well as have another blog giveaway, but that will come later. Anywho, thank you for the wonderful months you have supported me! I can’t wait to reach my next goal – 150 posts. Again, thank you so very much for making me keep on going. I ♥ all of you and I hope that in the days to come, you will all again support me in different ways.




This next post will the 100th post on my blog. How cool is that? I can’t believe that I have kept this blog running for that long! I will be doing things for the 100th post.


Notes on Autumn Legacy – I will not be done with it until Monday at the latest due to schoolwork and also that I lost the second part. >.>


Byebye everyone.