Pictures/Plans for the Future

Hey everyone.

Pictures are not working and it’s very annoying. I think the picture option hates me.

Anyways, Southern Jorvik is going to be arriving soon. I am so excited, and the suspense of what it looks like is getting too… ‘suspenseful’. I even had a few dreams about it ._. So. When SJ (Southern Jorvik) comes out, I will ride in my best clothes, on my original horse. I will probably move somewhere in SJ, and get a job there. :) I will take a day off from blogging (maybe two days ;)) to explore and get to know my surroundings. I can’t wait!

So I decided to do a personalized signature! It will be at the end of every post. (It will be out soon.) 


Wednesday Update

Wednesday update was very nice!

Stable Care system!

Hello everyone! We get a lot of feedback and suggestion mails all the time from our awesome players telling us how we can make Star Stable better. A lot of the features that we have added have been inspired by these excellent suggestions! Bigger bales of hay, leg wraps, bareback riding and removing the helmet for pictures are just a few of those excellent suggestions that have made it into the game.
Stable Care System: – During the summer we got a lot of feedback about how it could be difficult to care for your horses while you are away on vacation or unable to log into the game. So this week we are introducing the Stable Care system that will allow you to hire a stable girl to take care of all your horses while you are away! Stable Care is activated from inside My Stable by clicking the billboard at the far end of your stable. Pick the number of days you will be away and then you can relax knowing they will be cared for and in a great mood when you get back.
Stable Care System! Stable Care System!
Clothes: – New for fall, there are some great new items available at the fashion barn.  New helmets, gloves, and cool sneakers for all the stylish riders of Jorvik!
Regards, Star Stable Team


THUMBS UP: Well, it’s not as expensive as I thought! Very nice. The girl sleeps in the hayloft!

THUMBS DOWN: Nothing here

THOUGHTS: The next update is a day before SSO’s b-day, I hope they release something awesome.

Disco and Evil Eyes…

Okay, so I went druid training with Mist today. And I also saw a pony with an evil eye :o



And the pictures won’t post aglkhjslkdfhjlksj;fgh.


Well, I also went to the disco with my new friend, Alexandra Southhaven!

She’s a very nice and funny person, and just found out about my blog!

I ♥ you, Alex! :)


Double SC

Double Star Coins on all purchases this weekend!

Buy any Star Coins this weekend and get double the normal amount for your money! YES! This also doubles the amount of bonus Star Coins you receive with membership purchases!
The offer is available from 13.00 (GMT) Friday until 11.00 (GMT) Monday.
Horse For the normal price of 500 Star Coins this weekend you will receive 1000! Buy 1 month get 200 bonus Star Coins instead of 100!
Have a great weekend and we’ll see you in on the trails! Star Stable Team


I won’t be taking part in this, lol.