New Design

Since the foals have been born, I decided to change up the header! Now there’s a nice header of Lisa, Linda, Alex, and Anne. Then it also has Mr. Sands, Katja, Jessica, and Sabine. xD

I reused the old background :3

Enjoy the blog!


PS – Check out the Edit Shoppe under the Gallery Page!


New Design!

I’ve redesigned the blog, a new header will be coming soon after the foals are born. I can’t wait for the little sweeties.

Renovation Stage One Complete!

Stage one of the blog renovation is complete.

•New header, background, and theme is published

•Posts are categorized according to their subjects

In stage two I will be doing the following:

• Updating the About Page

• Adding more of Rain Will Fall to its page

• Deleting Fighting the Shadows because Rain Will Fall is taking its place. :)/:(



Here’s a poll for a new background, I’m not sure if I want to keep this design. So I’ll let you decide. Here’s the one I MIGHT do.


Goodness, it’s December 21st and I haven’t posted. Lazy me.

Anywho, I’ve updated the blog! :D There is now a winter theme! I decided to update the blog early because goodness knows when I will again. Hehe. So, welcome, winter wonderland!