In The Dark – Exclusive Dark Rider Video Series!

Hey everyone! I’ve decided, as a summer project, I will be doing an exclusive video series on all the Dark Riders! I’ve decided that if they want, Sim and Ally can help me since they are on my server! I’m excited to announce that the trailer will be arriving tomorrow!


Back to Blogging!

As you can probably see, I haven’t posted lately, due to Sassy’s issues. However, today we got the bloodwork back and she is okay!

Aside from that:

~Star has become fully leveled!

~I got max shillings. :D

~I have a creepy theory.




So, we all know about Lisa’s quests. She was stuck in Pandoria. And how was she rescued? The Sleeping Widow. She said that her roots reached far into the ground, so possibly she could find Lisa. And so, it brings me to this:


By the Sleeping Widow, there is a path that is blocked by a rockslide. I tried to get over the rocks but I couldn’t. So I did what I do best: weasel my way into Devil’s Gap and up on a ledge. There’s the path again.


There’s the path again! (Don’t ask how I got there, Abbie was my guinea pig and made sure it was safe)

So, what I was thinking is that the Sleeping Widow’s roots go along that path into the black: aka the Grey Dew Mountains. The Widow’s roots went in there to get Lisa, so there’s bound to be a portal to Pandoria – or that could be Pandoria itself. One day we’ll have to go along that path to find Anne. I’m sure of it. Ans what’s REALLY CREEPY is that the Dark Riders came from that direction during the quests. AND EVEN MORE CREEPY: In Starshine Legacy there was a part where you ran through Devil’s Gap. Away from the sea monster/ultimate villain Garnok.  So yes… that’s what I think :3

Two Images

I had Will and Jasper take these two photos this morning.

View Through Blades

Will placed the camera in  the grass and took a picture of Star and I racing around.

Golden Morning

Jasper took a picture of Star in this great pose, what a sweet pony.

The Black Mist Glitch

So, Ally and I were messing around in Firgrove earlier and went to the creepy ol’ house up in the woods. I hate that place, because when I exit the barn, there’s this weird black mist stuff that comes up. xD It really creeps me out. Like, a lot. Anyways, Ally wanted to see a picture of it. Here ya go. If you have this glitch, please comment below! I want to know how you feel when it comes xD


New Design

Since the foals have been born, I decided to change up the header! Now there’s a nice header of Lisa, Linda, Alex, and Anne. Then it also has Mr. Sands, Katja, Jessica, and Sabine. xD

I reused the old background :3

Enjoy the blog!


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New Horse

I’ve wanted a Friesian for a very long time, and on Friday I bought star coins to buy one!


Name: Starsoul, aka Titan

Gender: Male

Age: 10 years

Coat Colour: Black, with blends of brown and grey in his shoulders and quarters

Personality: Titan is the king of the stable, in a quiet and strong way. If you know the saying ‘thhe silence speaks a thousand words’, then you know that’s how Titan is. He doesn’t have to try very hard to be liked, all of the horses and ponies (Especially little Cherry) love him. He loves to be stroked. It is his favorite thing in the whole world. He can be feisty, and is a pro at finding the treat box. Overall, three words to describe Titan are calm, loving, and sweet.

History: Titan doesn’t really have a history that’s really bad. He was part of a group of Friesians being sent to England for dressage championships. When he and the other horses arrived, Titan was rejected because of his ‘not pure’ coat color. Steve, who had been there at the time, decided to buy him. Thus, he was sent to Jorvik. Of course, everyone there wanted the pure black, shiny blue-black horse, and Titan waited for another few weeks until I came along. I saw him and he touched my heart. Titan was a beautiful boy, and I bought him promptly.

Specialty: Classical. Titan is a pro at dressage, but doesn’t enjoy it. We both like cross-country better, and I’m sure that he’ll be great at the championships when the time comes.