Autumn Break

My school has an event every year on the Friday before autumn break. I played my violin at this event. And sung. But not the point. Let me tell you a story of what happened this time.

It all started the day before when our teacher told us that the boys couldn’t take off their blazers, and the girls couldn’t take off our sweaters. (Much to our dismay, because 1. the sweaters are oversized and yellow and 2. it gets so hot in the chapel) So we grumbled and the next day, we all sat down to start our program. After the prelude (which I played hehe) we all sat down and then stood again to say a prayer. It was then that my close friend Henry started swaying on his feet, fell back (thank god there was a chair under him), and started sliding forward. He had FAINTED. I was freaking out, because his eyes were still open but all glazed over. He had absolutely no colour in his face, and was not responding. Everyone said, “Leah and Liv, CALM DOWN!” But it was hard because Liv and I are really good friends and we care for our fellow orchestra players. In the end, Henry was led outside for fresh air and came back in good as new. And guess what? It was all my teacher’s fault who told everyone they had to wear their jackets and sweaters. According to Henry, he had fainted because he got too hot. I’m just glad he’s okay.

So, after that riveting tale, here is the SSO related news: I will be home the whole week, so come on in and comment below your autumn plans if you’re out as well.


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