Cryonic Catastrophe

Everest and I decided to go exploring around the Valley of Frozen Mist. I still lack one location on my map, (the description is “Not everything hidden is bones“, if anyone wants to help out) and wanted to see if I could discover it. We entered the dead forest, which is one of my favourite places now, and started to trot around.

The Frozen Vet 1

While examining a bit of cloth on a tree, I heard a snap. Everest had trotted away, sniffing. I ran after him, yelling HALT over and over, but he wouldn’t cease snorting or frolicking. He eventually slowed and I grabbed his reins, but turned around and what I saw was a bit frightening.

The Frozen Vet 2

There was a woman, blue with cold, leaning against the tree. She tried to talk, but was so cold all that came out was a faint “Brrr…”. The woman was dressed as a doctor, and after further examination I noticed she was a veterinarian from Jorvik City.

The Frozen Vet 3

Being the saintly Soul Rider and horse we are, Everest and I gently carried the vet back to Nic’s camp… after falling and being sent home due to injuries numerous times.

The Frozen Vet 4

I was a bit cranky as we reached the elevator after our last fall… a bit of dry humour spilled out of me. The girl took no offence.

The Frozen Vet 5

Apparently, the woman had travelled with Profess. Einstein, and when their helicopter crashed Einstein took no notice of her. I was a bit irritated with her, but hurried about making a fire for the poor soul.

The Frozen Vet 6

The next day the vet, Ms. Precari, told me that after the crash she had wandered the wilderness for a while before getting mild hypothermia… apparently it wasn’t so mild. However, she asked if a veterinarian practice was a possibility and I conversed with Nic. He agreed, and now she stands near the path waiting for any injured and cold patients.

The Frozen Vet 7

It was a quite exciting, irritating, and confusing mission, however Everest and I believe we did a good deed and it benefits us in case we ever get hurt! If you need the coordinates, here they are: X: 388 Y: 87 in the Valley of Frozen Mist, which can be accessed by taking the Frozen Road, crossing the bridge, going on, and veering off into Icenwood and going forward until you reach the dead forest. Coordinates courtesy Alicia Starnight and Alyssa Winternight. Thanks! Tack du, Alicia! By the way, I made up the name Ms. Precari. Hehe.

The Black Mist Glitch

So, Ally and I were messing around in Firgrove earlier and went to the creepy ol’ house up in the woods. I hate that place, because when I exit the barn, there’s this weird black mist stuff that comes up. xD It really creeps me out. Like, a lot. Anyways, Ally wanted to see a picture of it. Here ya go. If you have this glitch, please comment below! I want to know how you feel when it comes xD


Melancholy Day

Today was very emotional for me. Drizzle had to be put down… However, Muffin and I set out earlier than usual after the funeral to do our routine. Today was different, though. I actually went to help Ferdinand and Eddie with their day-to-day horse market chores. On the way to capture some domesticated horses, Muffin met a few new friends.


A curious Muffin cautiously approached a dark bay stallion, who turned out to be a nice guy.


An Appaloosa mare snuffled Muffin’s mane, and they frolicked around for a bit.

That was pretty much my morning. After lunch, we decided to take a bath and rest. This evening, we were stopped by a horde of ponies! It was time for the Pony Championships. Of course, Muffin and I entered.


Hordes of ponies and bystanders alike waited eagerly for the race.


The other ponies, Muffin trailing behind them, shot up a slope.

Sadly those are all the pictures I managed to take. We finished in 18th place! If I had my racing gear, Muffin might have scraped a 10th or 12th placing, but it was worth it!

We finished our day with a walk on the beach and a relaxing brush before we both headed to bed.


We started out at a controlled trot, slowly easing into a canter.


Muffin decided to swim a bit, however we did not go far enough to get my expensive boots wet, haha.


I peeked out from behind a posing Muffin.


Muffin fell asleep right as I finished grooming him, what a busy pony he is.

So that about sums up my Wednesday! I’ll have these long posts every once in a while, like every week, but not every day. Tomorrow I’ll wake up early to train Muffin and ride around. But now, let’s all sleep. ‘Night everyone!