Harvest Counties

The Harvest Counties have arrived! It’s amazing!

I took a few days off from blogging to explore and stuff. I’m back to blogging again now, though.

Anyways, in next post there will be a nuclear photo bomb.





Time to fix the bridge!

Hi all! A very important bridge needs to be repaired before you can go to The Harvest Counties!
New quests: – It’s time to repair the bridge between Silverglade and the beautiful Harvest Counties! Ride to the broken bridge close to Nilmers Highland and talk to Builder Donald. He seems to have a hard time repairing the bridge all by himself…
You will get access to The Harvest Counties on the release day if you help Builder Donald every day this week!
Help Builder Donald!

Help Builder Donald!
Regards, Star Stable Team



Woot woot. This is so awesome, I can’t wait! :D

Dark Core

Dark core. Let the pictures speak. And a song for the people of Silverglade Village!


Pink light, oh the pink light… It’s overcoming my mind…

Pink light, it’s making me insaneeeeee.

Just get it over with… Besides, the end is coming soon…

Shadow Seekers, suck the light out of  town, for no one

Not anyone… Will live to see the end of the


Pictures coming soon

Yay! – Bows –

Decisions, Decisions

I didn’t tell anyone, but I bought a new horse a few weeks ago, her name is Evening Soul. She’s a Morgan from Firgrove, the cheapest one. But she just sits in the stable. I think I might sell her. :/ 


Today’s update was great! The Andilusians are BEAUTIFUL.



Andalusians and more space in your Home Stable!

Hello! Andalusians have arrived to Jorvik and the space in your Home Stable has increased in this week’s update!
New Horses: – These three beautiful Andalusians have arrived to Silverglade’s Equestrian Center. Ride there and check them out! You need to be in level 8 to be able to buy a Andalusian horse.
Beautiful Andalusians! Beautiful Andalusians!
Stable Space: – We have increased the number of horses you can keep in your stable and you can now own up to 10 horses!
Coming soon: – We are happy to announce we are working on a new feature called “Horse Island”.  Don’t have enough room in your stable? Is taking care of all your horses taking up too much time? Horse Island will allow you to send horses on a little vacation!  A boat will take your horse out to a beautiful island pasture where they can relax and run free with some new horse friends! This will give you open space in your stable and more time to enjoy the horses you are training actively at the moment.  When you want your horse back from the island, simply make sure you have space available in your stable, and at your request your horse will make the trip back fully rested and happy after their vacation. You should never have to sell one of your horses ever again!
Thank you to everyone who sent us their feedback on the stable sizes. Together we can make Star Stable better every day!
Best Regards, Star Stable Team

Thumbs Up – New Horses, more stable space, suspenseful ‘coming soon’ paragraph. I’ll definitely buy new horses!

Thumbs Down – The horses are SUPER expensive.

Thoughts – Hope the horse island thing comes soon, as well as the Harvest Counties.

Training :D

I had no homework today. :D No homework=Extra SSO time. So, I plan to try and get Darkblaze to level 13! ANDDDDDDDD do all dailies along with stable chores, yippee. I joined a new club called Emo Dragons. They are very… um… hyper, I guess. I joined on Saturday, and I don’t plan on leaving soon! The owner actually reads my blog :o



The awesome members :D



Um… we started a war.




Then we went to the café and sued some people and started a ginormous argument about kissing.




” Up there Alex went crazy with her ‘broom stick’, saying SHOOOO and all manner of things.


Then, yesterday, Sunday, I was going down to the canyon at North Link and decided that I wanted to marry the GED trainee… and do other things that made no sense.

Image The Ms. Morse lady. XDDDDD


Image And the wrinkled GED workers.





Argument about the GED trainee. Yep…



I love my new club :D