Two Images

I had Will and Jasper take these two photos this morning.

View Through Blades

Will placed the camera inĀ  the grass and took a picture of Star and I racing around.

Golden Morning

Jasper took a picture of Star in this great pose, what a sweet pony.

That Time Again

The Moorland Road

Marshmallow, a white Selle Francais, and Madelyn Applenight on their way to the highly anticipated Moorland Championships, a challenging cross country course designed to test the rider’s navigation and the horse’s reactions to certain commands.

An Amazing Pony!

Lemonhope, or Muffin, has turned out as a perfect pony. He’s very well trained and hardly any of his previous bad antics show themselves. He’s now level 13. I had Andy at the Sandpit take this beautiful picture.

Amazing Jump

We cleared this doubled log jump beautifully. Muffin’s hooves hardly touched the ground!