I’m Back… Finally!

Hello snowy readers! Soon it will be a new year, full of endless possibilities. So I wish you all a late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Anyways. There will be some new updates on the blog. The secret santa did not go as planned, so that is cancelled as not many people participated. However, I think that I may make a new club since Ally disbanded Snow Riders. Otherwise I will most likely join Prime Ghosts, the club my cousin is in, or maybe try to snag a spot in Red Hearts Legacy. So that’s the club situation right now.

A new horse will be joining my stable soon!

I got an Xbox One for Christmas and therefore I have been sucked into the void that is Minecraft. I am desperately trying to climb back out so I don’t miss anything in SSO. I promise Minecraft will NOT stop me from playing SSO.

I have a new header that is almost finished, and will be up on the blog soon.

My cousins came for Christmas, hence me not posting. We had a lot of fun and even shot a 30 minute movie as a tribute to H2O: Just Add Water.

I hope everyone had a happy holiday! Now I’ve got to go catch up on quests in SSO.


Blog Updates

Hello everyone!

One week till I get out for Winter/Christmas Break and then I have 2 weeks off!

So, I have a few blog updates in store.

-Advent Calendar has been cancelled due to a malfunction on my computer, however I will have a make-up present. :)

-There is now animated snow falling from the header. You can enable this by going to Dashboard>Settings>General>Snow

-A new header will be coming quite soon. :D

-The Secret Santas so far need to get their gifts in order! Please mail them to me through the mail in SSO.



Today I got my Fjord! Her name is Wolfdancer, and I am sorry Ally but I HAD to use Bramble.


Name: Wolfdancer

Nickname: Neva or Bramble

Gender: Female ♀

Age: 4 years

Coat: Ulsblakk

Description: Bramble is an ulsblakk, or grey dun, Kalltic Fjord. She has dark brown eyes and a gradient mane and tail.

Personality: Bramble is quiet, calm, shy, and very sweet. She loves icenberries, and used to be Nanook’s horse. She only trusts Nanook, Sedna, her own kind, and me. Bramble loves to have her chin rubbed and her favourite activity is grooming and mountain climbing.

History: Not much is known about Bramble, except that she was born in the Valley of Frozen Mist and then taken past the gate in Icengate and lived with the Kallters.

A Tale of Two Kallters

It was the best of trading with Sedna, it was the worst of trading with Sedna…

Honestly, let me just say I and a few others are peeved. PEEVED. I do not like collecting little tufts of fur and only getting 15 rep points! And also, I only have 517 SC. Grr.

Contest Edit

Well, I entered, edited, and will be sending my SSO Facebook contest entry tomorrow… hope it all goes well. That was the 2nd’s Advent Calendar.

Here’s the third.

Star Stable Gift Card

That’s what I entered.