The Maddy Has Landed!

I’m home and cozy in the office in Stockholm again – Orlando was amazing! Disney World was really fun and Harry Potter World was just… speechless ^o^ On my way home my ears started popping from pressure in the plane, ughhh. But now I’m back! :D And I have some awesome amazing news. :3

Gone fishing!

Hi everyone!

Im not going to be playing or post from Saturday may 24th to Sunday June 1st. Why? I will be traveling to America. I found out one of my friends is on our plane too lol. I leave tomorrow and I was gonna ask ally to manage my account but I still don’t quite feel comfortable enough lending my account, even to you whom I would trust with mer lifey. Anyways I’m gonna get stable care tomorrow and stuff… I will be posting on my real blog, You can find my entries for my travel diary there, please visit it! Anyways I don’t know if dad is bringing his laptop or not, so I may or may not be on. So yeah, bye bye sim and ally and autumn and Maggie and peeps!

After All This Time? – Dumbledore

“Always.” answered Snape.

Sorry, I love that quote. xD



:D This was on SSO’s page today, I’m really excited now! Gypsy Vanners! They are recycled Friesians but they actually look refurbished with leg feathering and mane on both sides I believe. :D

Update Review for 5.21.14

Today’s update was really cool! Let’s review it, shall we?


Time is standing still…


Hey hey hey!
In this week’s super fun Star Stable update, you get to help crazy clockmaker Big Bonny fix the Town Hall clock in Silverglade Village!

New challenge:
– The Town Hall clock in Silverglade Village has stopped, but the Councilman has only just noticed… Help him find Big Bonny, the village clockmaker and see if you can help her to fix the crooked clock!

Big Bonny, the clockmaker who doesn't quite tick like clockwork!
Big Bonny, the clockmaker who doesn’t quite tick like clockwork!

New clothes:
– A whole bunch of super cute new styles have landed in stock at the clothes store in Silverglade Village. Ride over and check them out!

Have a great week, and don’t lose track of time! ;)
from the Star Stable Team


image┬áThe clothes are sooooo cool! I love the cardigans, definitely getting the pink one soon. The quests were really funny too, I won’t post spoilers though. It was about clocks, so naturally I took Clockwork. xD

imageNothing to say here!


This isn’t an edited image.


It’s really simple, but I’ll let you figure it out on your own. If you can, I’ll give you an updated autograph. :)


Ok guys, it’s time for me to rant about SSO. Not about them themselves, just about the players.

So I get it that the past few updates have been pretty lame, but that’s expected. I mean, seriously, we got some really cool, creepy (in my opinion), exciting story quests a few weeks back that the SSO team spent a lot of time on. Loads of people get that after a big update, the team can’t just go on and say, ‘Well, we’ll be working day and night making this next update a map expansion! Wooo!” Why they can’t do that? Well, first of all, as an experienced game designer (I designed a lot of maps for Feral Heart), you can’t spend a week on a map. There are different textures, meshes, colors, dialogue, not to mention translations put in! I mean, a big story quest a few months in between clothing and gear updates is kinda lame, but c’mon. Pull yourselves together. You people who complain on facebook are nothing but ungrateful slobs! Be GRATEFUL for a change. Got it?