You Could Win- A Drawing of Your Character!

Hello people!

I feel like most of my readers have disappeared because no one is commenting and I’m hardly getting any views. It’s lonely. However, I want to switch things up a bit, so I’m hosting a contest.

You could get a drawing (made by yours truly) just by entering this little contest.


SSO Username:

Pic of Your Character (send an Imgur or Photobucket or blog link):

Why You Love SSO:

All the entrees will be entered in a bucket and one will be pulled out to win!

I’m Finally Back!


I’m back from my very long hiatus. My computer is working as normal and I will be on SSO soon! If you want to meet up (I’m on the Night Star server) just mail me in SSO at Madelyn Applenight. A few updates in SSO…

-I am not currently in a club and do not wish to join one, however I will take a look at yours if you want me to for future reference. :)

-I changed my eyes to green and my hair to a straighter style, so now I look just like I do in RL.

A Headshot

I am very behind on quests and any help (if I need it) would be appreciated if I get stuck. :)

I hope you all have a nice morning!


Very Good News!

Hello readers!

I know blogging has been very slow lately but I’d just like to inform you that my computer is fixed and even though I had to completely erase everything on my desktop/files, I saved and backed up all Jorvik Dreamer files and things. I will have Star Stable installed again soon, and be sure to check my RL blog, Bramble and Blossom, for fashion/beauty, DIY, recipes, photography, and more. I would like to apologize for not posting as often but that will change soon as I am getting my online life back in order.

Just a few heads up about the next two weeks:

-The week of April 20-27 I will be quite busy because on Thursday, I have an orchestra concert so I need to practice.

-The week of April 28-May 3 I will be taking a class trip to Finland and will not be allowed on the web.

-After all of the above, I will get back to the normal blogging schedule and try to post every other day.

Hope you all have a great weekend and week!

P.S.- The Appearance Change feature of SSO does crash after you complete your change, but when you log back in you will have your new appearance. I have reported this to the SSO Team and they have been working on fixing this bug.


Very important!rl

hello. I’m not stopping blogging and playing for a while because my computer just died and I lost everything, but I saved all blog stuff on a flash drive so it’s okay. Just wanted to let you know. However I may be posting from my iPad on my irl blog, So you can see me there!

New Design is Up

Hello my lovelies! ♥

The new design is up early, since I have tomorrow off I had more time to work on the header. I hope you enjoy the new design, and new features for the blog will be coming soon!

Please give me your feedback and what you think about it. :)



There’s my cat. Hehe. Say hello to Freckles and remember to follow my RL blog: