Meet Madelyn, Madelyn Applenight.

Edited Selfie

    I am Madelyn Alicia Applenight, Soul Rider and owner of ten beautiful horses. I have a crazy, amazing, scary life. Let me tell you about it. We’ll start at the beginning. I was born in Moorland in a quiet barn in Nilmer’s Highlands. My father is Thomas Moorland, owner of Moorland Riding Stable, and my mother is Catherine Moorland, currently missing in action. I also have a older brother, Justin, who is at Dark Core and doesn’t really remember me. Besides him, I don’t have any other siblings, except my laid-back, serious, smart, funny, and nice cousin, Alyssa Winternight. You’re probably freaking out now if you’re still reading this, because you’ve realized that if I’m Thomas Moorland’s daughter, my grandfather must be Mr. Sands and my grandmother is the Baroness. You guessed correctly, I’m afraid. However, I fight for freedom and peace. I do not side with the dark and evil forces of our small island of Jorvik.

    At about two and a half, I started riding horses. My first horse was a Shetland named Popcorn, however I soon outgrew her and after many horses, I found my true Soul Horse – Amethystmist, or Mystic. We were a team, two hearts but one destiny, one team, one soul. After about two years of riding her, I moved to Silverglade Equestrian Center to train in dressage, however I soon found myself stuck right in the middle of a terrible mystery involving my brother, a diva named Sabine, and a strange organization named Dark Core.

    I tumbled around and got involved with the druids, did training, and then went to Dark Core two times. It was about that time that I met Alyssa, my cousin whom I never knew existed. We have grown very close in the six months I have known her. We now live together, along with the Goldspurs, in the Harvest Counties. We may fight a lot, but she is like the twin I never had.

That’s my life. Since I became a Soul Rider, I’ve rescued Linda, closed Pandorian cracks, and saved Lisa from the pink depths of their source: Pandoria. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and things. Thank you for reading and staying with me for a long time since the blog was only a few weeks old, everyone. :)


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