My Toes

I hurt my toes. ;_; In P.E., I was running around barefoot, and my friend came running out of no where, so I swerved and hit the wall. It hurt so bad, and it STILL hurts.


They’re all swollen and the big one is bruised…


Can’t Be On


Can’t be on. Friend problems, homework, and I’m making dinner. May be on at 7:30 your time.

Fjord Horses?

I’ve been pondering this, and tomorrow is update day. I’ve been snuffling in the game files (NOT glitching or hacking, just looking so don’t slap me) and found…


However, a few weeks ago I found a file titled Norwegian Fjord. I examined it, tried to open it, but to no avail.  I think, however, that the new “popularly demanded” horse is a Fjord!

I’m working on the autumn header right now, so yeah!



Sooner Than We Think?


Hey people! Happy Monday. I haven’t been blogging because from Wednesday-Sunday I have been up in the mountains. I’ll be posting on my RL blog soon.

Okay, so SSO decided to make me mad. I was snooping on the game (yeah, I know, glitching is prohibited but it won’t hurt me yet… right?) around the Hidden Dinosaur Valley (let’s just call it HDV) entrance and decided to go around the snowy avalanche and into the valley, however I got sent home. Before this update (on 10.08.14) I could run into the barrier without being sent home. So, this concludes that most likely this will be the next area to be opened. However, there are hardly ANY quests on this area. It’s never mentioned except for in the daily one in Valedale to go see if the snow melted, and the Nic Stoneground quests, which brings me to the next topic of interest.

Back in the newbie days, when we all had pink neon hair and mismatched clothes, Nic Stoneground sat in a balloon for a while. My dear sister (Natalia Mousemountain) let me maul her account and take a bunch of pictures of this guy.


So there he is, the wild Nic Stoneground in his natural habitat… a balloon. He looks like a monk. So this guy, Nic, is a famous explorer. He works with Mario as part of the astronomical society. In the quests, he wanted you to untie his little weight things and bid him farewell.


There’s Natalia in her pink and purple hair!


So, he lifted off and I followed him. Call me a stalker if you want. He just floated off, sometimes waving his arms.


And that’s the last picture I took of him. After that, he went over the wall and disappeared. Strange, right? And we haven’t heard from him since.

So when is HDV coming? I think I got the answer. In this interview with Marcus, a game director, (two years ago, mind you) we get an idea of the areas to come. Here’s the entire interview via

There is a lot going on right now! We are full speed on making new things for Star Stable. Outside of the normal weekly updates that normally contain new clothes, equipment, new races and quests we are also working on adding new features to the game and preparing to open new areas. The areas that are coming next are Jorvik Stables and The Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur… We don’t know when we will open them yet. We are also preparing new exciting game features that will enhance the gaming experience further for all our great players!

So there you have it. Jorvik Stables has come out, so inevitably, unless some other area comes out, start buying winter clothing, ’cause HDV is coming soon!

I’ll end this post with a poll and a picture.

Here’s Hidden Dinosaur Valley (I am leaving the sites these were found on anonymous, so that no one bothers the lovelies)




Update Review- 10.08.14

Hey everyone, and welcome to an extra-exciting edition of our Wednesday News!

Awesome Autumn!
Welcome to October: summer’s gone, nights are getting longer, days are getting colder, and is it just us or is it kinda hard to jump out of bed when it’s all rainy outside? Well, we think we’ve got the solution to these Autumn blues…

Today, we can exclusively reveal that Star Stable has got some seriously exciting stuff in the pipeline for our amazing players and fans over this Autumn/Winter season, and we’re so, so excited to tell you what we’re working on!

Autumn days? Awesome days!
 Autumn days? Awesome days!

Holiday Hoopla!
Autumn and Winter are filled with holiday high times, and we’ve got some really fun updates lined up for you this Halloween and Christmas. We all love Christmas-time of course, but the Star Stable team doesn’t want to wait to open our presents, so we’ve got these exciting treats for you before Santa even has a chance to polish Rudolf’s nose…

A horse, of course!
We’re working on putting the finishing touches to a beautiful new breed of horse that we know you’ve all been asking about for the longest time! You’re going to love this new addition to the Star Stable family, and we’re really excited to reveal all, but of course not just yet! We’re keeping the breed a secret for now, and we’ll tell you the release date real soon, so be patient and remember: cute new secret breeds come to those who wait!

Riding Club Deluxe!
Riding Clubs. Everybody knows they’re already super fun, and so many of our players have their own clubs or are happy members of clubs with all their friends. How much more awesome would it be though, if clubs had a magnificent meeting hall where you and your club buddies can meet, and nobody else is allowed? What if that meeting hall had fabulous seats, amazing decorations and exclusive, extra-beautiful chairs for the club leader and her officers? What if your club had a special page where you could write and edit your very own club rules? How about a weekly planner that you can use to organise special club events?

Below is a little sneak peek of our work on this idea so far. We’ll tell you as soon as we can when it’s going to be released, and this might not be how it finally looks – but aren’t you as excited as we are now?! This is going to be so, so cool!

All new awesome features for your Riding Club: coming soon!
All new awesome features for your Riding Club: coming soon!

Get your autumn look at Heavy Metal Scissors!
As if their styles weren’t already cool enough, Heavy Metal Scissors in Jarlaheim is now offering brand new colours of their loose ponytail (does pink sound ok?) and a couple of their other, fringe-less looks (hints of blue, anyone?). Ride down and check them out!

Out and about with brand new tables and benches!
There’s nobody who can say a lovely meal outside isn’t a super nice treat. Fresh air, tasty food and good company plus a whole bunch of uninvited ants. Well, worry no more about multi-legged guests as we unveil awesome new benches and tables where you can actually sit and enjoy your food 100% free from added bugs!

There will still be picnic spots for you to enjoy your picnic baskets, but you can now bring food and drinks from any of the cafes around Jorvik to the new tables so you can hang with your friends and grab a bite! Also dotted around are some new benches with some great views of our beautiful island so that you can sit back, chill out, and take in the scenery! Why not ride out and see where they’re all located? It’s definitely not too cold for a lovely leafy picnic with your friends!

James in Fort Pinta needs your help!
James has had a bit of a nightmare when he tried to get one over on Conrad. He’ll probably tell you all about it when you go to see him in Fort Pinta and offer him your help in this one-off quest! Help him out and we’re sure there’ll be a special little something in it for you.

Horse Market Update
Eddie and Ferdinand have packed up and are back out on the road for a while. We’ll let you know when and where they’re setting up soon!

So there we have it! We hope you’re as excited for our plans for the coming months as we are, and here’s hoping you have some lovely Autumn picnics! See you next week!

Umm… Wait.
Did we just hear someone say something about a totally new and awesome area opening up this Autumn? Maybe we didn’t hear properly? Oh well… Better stay tuned for more info then!

image I love how Star Stable is so spunky in their updates now. It’s really nice to wake up at 6 AM to a sweet little team of people :D
The Horse: It’s a Fjord. I just know it. *-*
Riding Club Hall: Fancy and posh. TEA AND CRUMPETS, ANYONE?
Heavy Metal Scissors (who names a salon that, seriously.) This is okay, I don’t like the hair.
Tables and Benches: That’s kind of weird but eh.
James: I didn’t even go there. He’s a brat.
Horse Market: Do I care about this? Nope.