No More Apologies

Hello everyone.

I can’t apologize anymore for my inactivity.

I can’t promise anything.

I always procrastinate.

I have abandoned you.

However, though I am sad to say that the blog is sort of going downhill, I want to try to revive it. I have decided that, soon, I will have a few guest bloggers on this SSO blog.

If you want to guest blog, please comment below. ↓

I think that this will be fun for everyone. Once you comment, I will review your comment and send you some stuff on your blog about guest blogging.

Again, I have no apologies, but I hope that with your help, this blog can flourish again.



Very Good News!

Hello readers!

I know blogging has been very slow lately but I’d just like to inform you that my computer is fixed and even though I had to completely erase everything on my desktop/files, I saved and backed up all Jorvik Dreamer files and things. I will have Star Stable installed again soon, and be sure to check my RL blog, Bramble and Blossom, for fashion/beauty, DIY, recipes, photography, and more. I would like to apologize for not posting as often but that will change soon as I am getting my online life back in order.

Just a few heads up about the next two weeks:

-The week of April 20-27 I will be quite busy because on Thursday, I have an orchestra concert so I need to practice.

-The week of April 28-May 3 I will be taking a class trip to Finland and will not be allowed on the web.

-After all of the above, I will get back to the normal blogging schedule and try to post every other day.

Hope you all have a great weekend and week!

P.S.- The Appearance Change feature of SSO does crash after you complete your change, but when you log back in you will have your new appearance. I have reported this to the SSO Team and they have been working on fixing this bug.


Blog Updates

Hello everyone!

One week till I get out for Winter/Christmas Break and then I have 2 weeks off!

So, I have a few blog updates in store.

-Advent Calendar has been cancelled due to a malfunction on my computer, however I will have a make-up present. :)

-There is now animated snow falling from the header. You can enable this by going to Dashboard>Settings>General>Snow

-A new header will be coming quite soon. :D

-The Secret Santas so far need to get their gifts in order! Please mail them to me through the mail in SSO.


Christmas Preparations

Hello my lovely, cheery, readers! I’m starting Christmas on the blog early this year with a new theme and header which will be coming tonight, or tomorrow afternoon. Also, there are a few surprises in store for my followers!

2014 Advent_secretsanta1

This year, I am going to be introducing a new event. Jorvik Dreamer’s Secret Santa! I’ve had this idea for a while, and finally put it into action. Here’s how it works.

Each one of my followers and fellow SSO bloggers will receive a name, and they have to come up with a cute gift to give them. For example:

I give Ally Sim’s name, and she comes up with the gift: “Free Trail Ride With Me”, a few days before Christmas Ally would give Sim her gift.

Gifts included can be:

-A Free Edit

-Trail Ride

-Meet Up

-Club Invitation (only for people without a club; please notify me if you do not have a club)

-Free Posts On The Giver’s Blog For a Week (you’ll have to sign a contract for this, contact me through SSO mail or comments if you need one)

You could come up with more, but they would have to be OKed by me first. I don’t recommend buying a player Star Coins. I’m interested to see whether or not you people can come up with some awesome ideas! Again, if you need to contect me, please do not send an e-mail. As I have said, I use someone else’s email and I doubt they would appreciate some random person mailing me. Visit the Contact page (under About) which will be up soon, for more information. Also, not asking for anything, but gifts to the hostess of this event (WINK WINK) are appreciated. ;) You will receive your name through Star Stable mail tomorrow evening. You have until December 19th at 6:00PM eastern time to come up with your ideas and send them to me.

2014 Advent_secretsanta

This year, I’ll be doing another Advent Calendar. However, I do not want to be pressured/forced to do this, so I’ll be doing small pictures and maybe little greeting cards and such. Maybe even a contest. :D

So, that wraps up the blog’s Christmas updates for now. You never know, I may have more things in store for all of you wonderful lovelies!

A Notice About Comments

Hello everyone! I should be at school but I stayed home because I have an ortho appointment.

So as most of you know, I use my aunt’s e-mail. I found SSO when I was visiting her in America, and downloaded it to her e-mail. Her e-mail is also used for this blog. So, when someone comments, WordPress notifies my aunt. Pointless spam comments like: hi, can you come on Star Stable, blah blah blah are utterly pointless. I talked to my aunt on the phone a few days ago and her inbox had over 50 comments, plus her personal stuff. So I’m going to do something about it.

1. If you post spam comments such as:


-can you come on sso

-Anything with chatspeak

-Personal questions

You will be denied, and comments will be disabled for about a week.

2. If you comments become disabled, I will ask all of you to mail me on Star Stable with questions about:


-Star Stable

-My SSO Life

if you have any.

3. The above encourages players to actually use the mail system in Star Stable, and I guarantee that my mail box will NEVER be full, so mail me whenever.

4. This also goes for my RL blog, and replying to comments I post on fellow blogger’s pages. I will ignore, and delete, my  comment.

This is not for me. It is for the wellbeing of the blog, the players, and my aunt’s overloaded inbox. I hope you all understand.

New Design

Since the foals have been born, I decided to change up the header! Now there’s a nice header of Lisa, Linda, Alex, and Anne. Then it also has Mr. Sands, Katja, Jessica, and Sabine. xD

I reused the old background :3

Enjoy the blog!


PS – Check out the Edit Shoppe under the Gallery Page!