Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I know some of my readers and followers are American, so I’m posting this even though I am Swedish. Have a GREAT day full of good food (do you eat ham today?), blessings, and thankfulness. ♥

I’m thankful that I have a roof over my head, a family, food, and all the necessities. I’m also thankful for the SSO team and all of my lovely readers. ♥

What are YOU thankful for?

Editing Update

Hello! I have a few edits I am going to put up, as I haven’t for a while. I  may get Photoshop for Christmas, which is so exciting! Eeep!

Alone... CasualDressage

These two feature Viola. I did them a while back.

Hello, this is me

This was an old one also… there are heads in the corner.


A WIP that never got finished. Mehhh.

Also, I’m thinking of starting up my editing shoppe again. What do you guys think?

Interview With Lucas Winterland

Today I had the privilege to interview a male player on SSO! I was originally just meaning to talk to my friend, but it was actually her brother who was online! So I took the opportunity to ask him a few questions.


MA: Hey!

LW: Hi!

MA: So, how do you feel about the main story?

LW: It’s cool, especially for those you love horses.

MA: Do you think it should have more boy themes? Like karate, fighting, etc?

LW: Yeah, boys don’t do a lot of magic with pink sparkles.

MA: Should boys be supported and have their own story and characters?

LW: Of course, if boys play they should.

MA: Are you ever criticized for being a boy on Star Stable?

LW: Nope, people already know I’m a guy and treat me the same.

MA: How do you feel about online dating?

LW: I don’t know.

MA: Do you support it?

LW: I guess, but I think it’s weird cause what if the person you’re dating is the same gender as you?

MA: Haha. Yeah, I could understand that.

LW: Lol.

MA: Do you make your character look like a boy?

LW: No, it doesn’t bother me.

MA: Alright, Lucas! Thanks for the interview.

LW: No problem.

So, what do you think? Should boys be supported and have their own story?


Autumn Break

My school has an event every year on the Friday before autumn break. I played my violin at this event. And sung. But not the point. Let me tell you a story of what happened this time.

It all started the day before when our teacher told us that the boys couldn’t take off their blazers, and the girls couldn’t take off our sweaters. (Much to our dismay, because 1. the sweaters are oversized and yellow and 2. it gets so hot in the chapel) So we grumbled and the next day, we all sat down to start our program. After the prelude (which I played hehe) we all sat down and then stood again to say a prayer. It was then that my close friend Henry started swaying on his feet, fell back (thank god there was a chair under him), and started sliding forward. He had FAINTED. I was freaking out, because his eyes were still open but all glazed over. He had absolutely no colour in his face, and was not responding. Everyone said, “Leah and Liv, CALM DOWN!” But it was hard because Liv and I are really good friends and we care for our fellow orchestra players. In the end, Henry was led outside for fresh air and came back in good as new. And guess what? It was all my teacher’s fault who told everyone they had to wear their jackets and sweaters. According to Henry, he had fainted because he got too hot. I’m just glad he’s okay.

So, after that riveting tale, here is the SSO related news: I will be home the whole week, so come on in and comment below your autumn plans if you’re out as well.

Cryonic Catastrophe

Everest and I decided to go exploring around the Valley of Frozen Mist. I still lack one location on my map, (the description is “Not everything hidden is bones“, if anyone wants to help out) and wanted to see if I could discover it. We entered the dead forest, which is one of my favourite places now, and started to trot around.

The Frozen Vet 1

While examining a bit of cloth on a tree, I heard a snap. Everest had trotted away, sniffing. I ran after him, yelling HALT over and over, but he wouldn’t cease snorting or frolicking. He eventually slowed and I grabbed his reins, but turned around and what I saw was a bit frightening.

The Frozen Vet 2

There was a woman, blue with cold, leaning against the tree. She tried to talk, but was so cold all that came out was a faint “Brrr…”. The woman was dressed as a doctor, and after further examination I noticed she was a veterinarian from Jorvik City.

The Frozen Vet 3

Being the saintly Soul Rider and horse we are, Everest and I gently carried the vet back to Nic’s camp… after falling and being sent home due to injuries numerous times.

The Frozen Vet 4

I was a bit cranky as we reached the elevator after our last fall… a bit of dry humour spilled out of me. The girl took no offence.

The Frozen Vet 5

Apparently, the woman had travelled with Profess. Einstein, and when their helicopter crashed Einstein took no notice of her. I was a bit irritated with her, but hurried about making a fire for the poor soul.

The Frozen Vet 6

The next day the vet, Ms. Precari, told me that after the crash she had wandered the wilderness for a while before getting mild hypothermia… apparently it wasn’t so mild. However, she asked if a veterinarian practice was a possibility and I conversed with Nic. He agreed, and now she stands near the path waiting for any injured and cold patients.

The Frozen Vet 7

It was a quite exciting, irritating, and confusing mission, however Everest and I believe we did a good deed and it benefits us in case we ever get hurt! If you need the coordinates, here they are: X: 388 Y: 87 in the Valley of Frozen Mist, which can be accessed by taking the Frozen Road, crossing the bridge, going on, and veering off into Icenwood and going forward until you reach the dead forest. Coordinates courtesy Alicia Starnight and Alyssa Winternight. Thanks! Tack du, Alicia! By the way, I made up the name Ms. Precari. Hehe.

Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur

Everyone has probably done all the quests, so I’d like to go ahead and share my thoughts on how everything is in there!

The Entry

I entered the valley with my starter, Amethystmist, because we’re in this together. I think that despite the cold, we got places as quick as we could.

The Elevator

The Old Elevator was a bit ominous, but I think that it is a way faster, however risky, new way of transportation.

Researching Northern Mountain

The exploring was extensive. Four spots to explore, each one in a different place… it took a while. However new places were discovered and I enjoyed it!

Folke's Precarious Ride

I switched to Everest the first day, and he did very well despite the freezing cold. Our comrade Folke rode on the back of Everest, because I didn’t want him to have to walk.

I Saw the Sign...To Open the Shop

Soon, his shop was opened. I have my eye on a little purple vest…

All in all I love Dinosaur Valley! However much it scares me…