Notice About Comments… Again

Hope everyone had a happy New Year! I’ll be posting a few of my resolutions on my RL blog, if you’d like to check them out. Also, I got glasses. They are those geek-chic type ones… I like them and can see a lot better now. A LOT. My left eye was all gimpy when trying to edit a picture (no pun intended) on GIMP and so I couldn’t see. Anyways, I have some rants/important stuff over comments.

First, thank you to everyone who has very productive, somewhat inquisitive, useful comments! However, a few of you (not pointing fingers, but you know who you are) have been posting spam comments, pleads, etc. Telling me that you follow this person’s blog and blah blah blah and that if I don’t follow them, you’ll stop following me, does not accomplish anything on either of our parts. Neither does saying ‘COME ON SSO’ every five minutes. So I’d like to say, PLEASE stop posting comments if they aren’t productive! I do not want to disable comments, but I may have to if certain people continue to act this way. So here are some new ground rules for commenting.

EDIT: Don’t try to weasel in a comment asking for me to come on along with something about the post.

•If you are going to post a comment, please make it about the post. Otherwise, keep it to yourself unless it is so important that you must. If it is, post in in the Chatroom.

•Please don’t use extensive capital letters. It hurts my eyes and I interpret it as yelling/screaming/raging all the way. You may emphasise a few words with caps if necessary, but don’t overdo it.

•Spam is not to be tolerated. Askimet (those who have blogs are familiar with this spam filter/sensor) is already bogged down with spam from people commenting. You will be asked to stop commenting, and your comments will be deleted or turned into notices.

•Asking me to come on Star Stable is not cool. I come on when I want to, and other things come before a game. I don’t live in my desk chair.

•Don’t threaten, curse, or criticize me unless you have a NICE suggestion to make. I will create a “Suggestion Box” page soon. If you do any of these things, your comments will be deleted.

•I will periodically start conversations in the Chatroom. Please ASK first on the “Inquiries” page, which is about to be created, if you want to start a conversation.

I hope everyone understands. These new rules are not to make anyone mad, sad, or embarrassed, but I just want to make the blog a friendlier, more productive community that everyone can enjoy. :) Thanks for understanding!


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