Today I got my Fjord! Her name is Wolfdancer, and I am sorry Ally but I HAD to use Bramble.


Name: Wolfdancer

Nickname: Neva or Bramble

Gender: Female ♀

Age: 4 years

Coat: Ulsblakk

Description: Bramble is an ulsblakk, or grey dun, Kalltic Fjord. She has dark brown eyes and a gradient mane and tail.

Personality: Bramble is quiet, calm, shy, and very sweet. She loves icenberries, and used to be Nanook’s horse. She only trusts Nanook, Sedna, her own kind, and me. Bramble loves to have her chin rubbed and her favourite activity is grooming and mountain climbing.

History: Not much is known about Bramble, except that she was born in the Valley of Frozen Mist and then taken past the gate in Icengate and lived with the Kallters.


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