Let’s all give a warm welcome to the newest addition to the Applenight family!

Name: Winterdancer

Nickname: Everest

Gender: Male

Breed: North Swedish Horse

Age: 3yrs

Desc.: Everest is still a bit wild and likes to run around at random times, causing havoc. However, he is very sweet and enjoys carrots, which unfortunately don’t grow in Valedale. I make a trip once a day to get them for him, though, if he behaves. Everest loves the snow and climbing mountains is one of his favourite hobbies. He really is a sweet horse, but due to still being green, he can be a handful.

History: Everest lived in a wild herd around Valedale. One day I came across them, and knew I must train him. He has a very good build for endurance and XC. With the help of the spy master, I caught him and he was mine! I’m still training him, but he’ll be good to go in a few months.


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