Hey hey hey!
This week’s update has got something really special: a totally new in-game function called Emotes!

New function:
– Emotes are a super fun new way to communicate with your friends in Star Stable. Your character is now able to make loads of cool new gestures that all your friends will be able to see! This is just the beginning of the Emotes system, and we’ll be developing and releasing more next week!

Here’s how it works:
You can type a command directly into the chat, for example: /hi and the Emote will automatically come up.
You can click on one of the smiley faces above the chat and choose which Emote you’d like to use.
You can also click on one of your fellow players and use an Emote in their direction.
If you’ve clicked on a player, you’ll be able to use the Emote specifically on them.
Most of the Emotes make special, fun movements and some even have sound!
If a player uses an Emote on you, the text will appear in any chat window you have open if they’re within a 10 metre radius.
You can only perform a new Emote once every three seconds.

Wave, nod, even take a bow!

Changes in Chat:
– Along with the Emote update, the Chat has got a new design! Names are now a different colour so that you can more easily see the difference between names and the text in the chat. Star Stable’s Game Masters will also get their very own unique colour, so you’ll now know exactly who in Chat is a real, genuine Game Master!

New equipment:
– New equipment with a lovely autumn theme has arrived at Tor’s Stall in Jarlaheim. New, matching leg wraps are also in the Gallop store right next door!

Horse Market:
– Eddie & Ferdinand’s horse market is open for an extra week, so take the chance to ride down and say hey to them while you can! If you haven’t already found time to help them with their tasks for the week, don’t forget to go and help out before they travel onwards!

Have fun with the new Emotes!
from the Star Stable Team


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