Hey everyone.

I know I haven’t been blogging much, it’s kind of sad. I just want to explain why. Before you read this: don’t talk trash in the comments and such.

I blog for fun. I don’t want it to become a chore, because I love blogging every day, but lately everything has just been crashing down: edits, ITD, Rain Will Fall, hanging out with Ally, reading all your comments, etc. I cleared my cache and cookies which has made the little orange comment box easier to get to and such. I’m realizing I’m trying too hard to impress all of you with videos, edits, etc. I know you all appreciate what I already do, right? Right (hopefully). So here’s what I’m trying to say: I’m breaking it down to the basics again. I’m not going to be busied by ITD with deadlines. It will come out when it comes out. I want my blog to be fun, with little giveaways and treats now and then, free art for followers, tutorials, etc. I don’t want it to be a chore where I think a little horde of angry followers with flaming pitchforks are chanting “DEADLINES DEADLINES DEADLINESSSSS”.

In conclusion, ITD will be on hold. Yes, it will come out. No, please don’t flood the comments with “AWWW BOOOOO WHY OMG” because that will just result in me deleting your comment. I want to focus more on the following things:

♥Working on designing the blog better

♥Writing Rain Will Fall

♥Having little giveaways every now and then

♥Hanging out more with Ally

♥Visiting all my followers’ lovely blogs.

So there you have it! I’m not sure when ITD will premiere, but it will.


11 thoughts on “Woah.

  1. I would rather see you enjoy blogging without getting any hate then see ITD and a bunch of other stuff enjoy yourself we will support you promise ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘🐴🐎👍👌👊🙏 We love and you and we want what’s best for you 🐴❤️

  2. Yeah. You didn’t even come on this morning. And today I’m going to Carowinds, and amusement park and I don’t know when I’ll be back. We usually stay from like 10 am or 11 am to 10 pm when it closes. I’m just really upset you haven’t even been trying to hang with me.

  3. I’m sorry Madelyn. I kinda did notice that you post a lot “work”.
    It would be nice if you had a break.
    I think you really deserve it, if you got stuff and real life and in blogging, then your working all the time.
    I am totally fine with this. I will always be.
    No, “Boo!” “WHY” or “OMG ARE YOU CRAZY” from me
    And I will never hate you (Like never, your my friend)

  4. I feel exactly the same way. I just reached 100 subs, and I have to make a video to thank them. I also have to do quests, care for my horses, etc, etc. I feel so much pressure, and I know exactly how you feel. I just came back from my trip, and all that pressure was taken away. I say: Take a break, feel free to just do whatever you love, and not make blogging a chore. I honestly didn’t expect that I would get followers or subscribers, and now I feel like I HAVE to give them videos, post more and more so I can impress people. Just so you know (even if you don’t think the same about me), you are my sweet, best friend, and I love you like a sister. We have become so close, and I care bout you, so feel free to tell me if you are feeling stressed out or something.

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