Happy SSO Birthday, Ali!

A year ago today, July 5th, I clicked on an SSO ad while browsing the Feral Heart forums. I read about it and thought: “This game is literally just what I’m looking for: and online, simulated, 3D horse riding game.” However, I was soon to find out that this wasn’t just a riding game: It was a mystery. I enjoyed all of the free game, and on the day my free playing ended, I immediately bought Star Rider. It was even better with all these new areas to explore, and everything was awesome with new quests. Soon I expanded my stable, met new friends, and eventually started a blog. As most of you know, this wasn’t my first blog. The Goldenleaves Rider was, which is now deleted due to space issues. I still have that folder full of pictures, though. I started out as a friendless, geeky newbie like all the rest: then I met Bridgette Dawnwood, the very best friend ANYONE could ask for. We hung out every day and would wait hours  for the other to come on. One day, she sort of just disappeared and I didn’t have anyone to chat with. I joined an exploration team in Global Chat and met my two old friends: Emily Machill and Adalyn Starlord. We chatted and explored, mostly mountain climbing, and I’ve seen her around just a few times. All those friendships started to fade and I finally joined my first club: Storm Hunters Legacy. They were all amazing, and there I became more confident on the game and found two new friends: Alexandra Southhaven and Lauren Ponycake, both of which quit and gave to their friends.

Finally, after many friends and fights, clubs and drama, I found my best friend for life one day while talking in Global. That girl was sweet, compassionate, and loved me for who I was: the geeky and nerdy blogger. Her name was Alyssa Winternight. We’ve been friends for more than six months – longer than any other of my friends. She is sweet, and listens to what I have to say. Sometimes we drift apart, but there’s always some reason to get us back together. I don’t think anything can separate us, and with any luck I’ll meet Ally one day, I believe it. I LOVE YOU ALLY!


– Sighs – Alright, now what in the big wide world should be said about my followers and fellow bloggers?

You guys are AMAZING. NO ONE has supported me more than you guys. You actually cheer me up when I’m sad, and support me more than anyone. So I’d like to give some shoutouts.

SIMONE LIONWOOD: I remember you were the first person to follow and comment on my blog, after I had found yours. You truly are an amazing artist and beautiful girl. You’re always there for me girl. ♥

AUTUMN PONYPAW: I remember when I got fan mail from you! I inspired you to make your own blog and you’re still with me. You’re beautiful and smart. ♥

MAGGIE DUSKFIELD: Oh my gosh Maggie, you are so sweet and beautiful. You can draw better than almost anyone I know, and you’re great at making videos. Keep on blogging, girl! ♥

ASHLEY MCNIGHT: Though I’m not sure if you follow my blog, I follow yours, and it’s awesome. You’re really good at editing and riding, and being beautiful. Keep it up, Mash. ♥

TIFFANY GOLDPAW: You are so smart and a great blogger. Your YouTube series is getting good, keep it up Tiffany. ♥

ALYSSA WINTERNIGHT: I know you don’t realize it, but I helped you on the quest to get into GHV in Global. We didn’t friend each other or meet again, but one day during a quest I friended you and you friended me. You’re a beautiful, smart, strong, and awesome girl. We’re so alike we could be sisters. No matter what, always keep me in your heart. Don’t let us fall apart. I ♥♥♥♥♥ you, Ally.



I started out as this…


Tried to draw Fripp a looooooooong time ago. xD


Before I got into GHV.


Anyone remember my hair like this?

Long time ago.

I went from all that to a beautiful Jorvikian girl with a best friend and a blog with many followers and friends. I wouldn’t be here without all of your support.



10 thoughts on “Happy SSO Birthday, Ali!

  1. Maddy you r a amazing editor and have so many beautiful horses and you are amazing and kind to everyone, you inspired my blog. You are like the glue and we are pieces of paper and you hold us together, youve made your blog not into a normal sso blog youve allowed us to enter ur life and see through ur eyes and truly you have showed me more then i couldve imagined so thxxx ♡♡♡♥♥♥ Your such a ☆★Star★☆ never forget youve turned a few sso riders into a small family ♡♥♡♥ thank you for that♡♥♡♥

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