The server is down so, I’ll go ahead and write a lengthy review to pass the time. ~

check Well, they at least got Midsummer right this time. Last year, it was late. This year Midsummer where I live, in Sweden, is on June 21st. So at least this year it’s early and not late. :D Secondly, I love the idea that they made a treasure hunt, hehehe! That’s always fun. I think the dress in the photo looks very… traditional. Something that we quirky Jorvikians would wear. The new head garland in the picture looks nice, too. I hope the quests vary a bit, because I want some variety in here, people!

x The quests look exactly the same as last year’s. Couldn’t they have made it like they did Christmas, where there’s a different location in the Harvest Counties? That’s kind of disappointing, and so is the fact that the website has been down for a long time. Oh well, I guess it happens.

See you guys later, I’m gonna go edit until the server is back on.



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