Rain Will Fall, Chapter Four, Part Two

It’s dark outside. I’ve been riding Rainy over pipes, jumping her, and all sorts of things all afternoon – avoiding the Dark Riders and even Shea. Now I’m in the stall again, carefully rewrapping Rainy’s cut legs.  “You’ll be alright, girl.” I whisper, stroking her velvety muzzle. She snuffles and throws her head up, neighing madly. “Whoa, Rainy Day! SETTLE DOWN!” Then I hear a voice. “She’s just feeling the connection. Tin-Can has a strong one to other Soul Horses.” I whip around, startled.

I am looking into the eyes of a girl about Shea’s age. They are dark brown with a mischievous sparkle in them. Her hair is not quite shoulder length, and it is blonde. She has a little grey beanie on her head, and a Jorvik football shirt and jeans. “Wh-who…?” The girl smiles and laughs a bit. “I’m Alex! This is my horse, Tin-Can. Say hullo, Tinny.” The orange-yellow pony with a shaggy white mane snorts. “Hello, Alicia Starstruck. Odd name like all the others. And hello to you, Rainy Day, you’re looking fine.” says the horse, Tin-Can. “You can TALK?” I say, backing up and crashing into Rainy. “Yes, he can. So can I, it just wasn’t safe.” says Rainy in a slightly higher pitch. ” Okay, first I have strange powers… then this?” I gasp, staring in the corner at the scene.

“You are special, Alicia.” says Alex studiously. “We are all special. I am a Soul Rider, as is Shea. We are the protectors of the night, the riders who run bravely into the depths of darkness to save the world from destruction.” she announces. “Tell me everything.” I say, sitting down on a bale of hay.


The Legend of Aideen

   Once, long ago, the island of Jorvik was a lifeless, cold rock. There was no love, no hope, no light. Only darkness, bitterness and Garnok, a monstrous creature no one dares to speak of. One fateful night a falling star penetrated the waters of Jorvik. The force of the light was so great that it banished Garnok into the very core of the island. From the star emerged a girl on a horse. They galloped across the waters to the center of the island where, when the horse touched the ground, Jorvik was born.

image imageThe sun rose, trees grew, rivers flowed, and all was right. The girl, Aideen, spoke ancient words and five girls arose from the ground.image

They were to be the protectors of Jorvik. One had sun powers, one moon, one flash, one star, and one, oddly, was darkness.image All four girls protected Jorvik and Aideen with their given powers, however Darkness turned away to follow her own path, with Garnok. imageOne night she led Aideen away to the pits of the Grey Mountains, where she was thrown in to be Garnok’s next victim. image However this was not the end of Aideen, In the process of being destroyed, she summoned her soul and gave it to a girl just to be born. image From the heavens, Aideen’s soul descended into the baby, who was now Aideen. Though she did not know it, she would be the one to save the universe one day.


Darkness still lurks wherever she is, but the light of the girl is inside her.

    Alex finishes the story.


15 thoughts on “Rain Will Fall, Chapter Four, Part Two

  1. Brb, I have to eat. If you get on SSO and I don’t answer, that means I’m eating. I will be backing up in Jarlaheim city because it keeps the laptop from turning off and keeps me logged into SSO.
    ~ Ally <3

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