So I caved and bought a new horse ;_;


Name: Lemonhope

Nickname: Banana or Muffin

Gender: Male

Age: 4 years

Breed: Jorvik Pony

Name: Well if you watch Adventure Time, you’ll understand. Lemonhope was a Lemongrab person who saved the Lemongrab kingdom, long story short. xD

Description: Muffin is a palomino Jorvik Pony who is short, stocky, and has a ruffled mane.

Personality: Muffin is a trouble maker. He knows how to unlock stall doors, grab the reins out of my hands, and buck me off. He can be such a little pill but most of the times he’s a sweet, loving pony who knows how to make you feel better.

History: Muffin was a dressage champion in Jorvik Pony Club, until his owner moved to America and he was sold to the barge, where I bought him. :)



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