Chapter Three, Part One, Rain Will Fall

Light is poking through a crack in the little cell. Last night, Shea and I talked for a long time about a lot of stuff. I just woke up with my head on her leg. “Morning, Alli.” Shea says quietly. “I don’t want to see the boss…” I moan, thinking of the nightmares I had. “No, no, no, you won’t. I said that to confuse the other guard. Actually I’m on an assignment to bring to meet my” Shea makes a quote sign, “friends, the Dark Riders.” I sigh. Dark Riders don’t sound as bad as meeting ‘The Boss’. “Oh, alright.” I say shakily. “C’mon, let’s get your uniform on.” Shea hands me dark jeans, high, black riding boots, and a black shirt with the Dark Core symbol on it. “I’ll save my eyes.” She turns away while I change.

A few minutes later, after washing up in the cell with the basin of water, Shea is brushing and pulling my hair back. “Thanks, sis.” The word feels unfamiliar on my tongue, but Shea smiles. “You’re welcome, sis.” She says. “Here, you need black lipstick and mascara. My sister applies the makeup from her small black purse and then studies me. “You look evil enough.” Shea announces, pulling out a mirror. I look into it and see that I look… well… evil. “Yup, you too.” I laugh.

We’re walking to this weird portal platform. Shea is, again, gripping my arm tightly. “Sorry about the grip.” she mutters, pulling me along. “It’s okay.” I murmur, too nervous to care about nails. We finally get there and I’m faced by four figures. They all introduce themselves warmly. “I’m Katja, nice to meet you Alicia.” says a girl with a short skirt, white boots, and a white turtle neck. She has cold blue eyes and long white hair. “I’m Jessica, welcome.” says another. She’s skinny as a stick with the same black uniform as Shea and I are wearing. “I’m Sabine.” hisses a red-clad figure. I can see the white slits of eyes in the cowl of her cloak. “I’m Justin.” says the last. “Justin?” I murmur. “Justin Moorland?” He nods. “Yes. I’m him.” Tears fill my eyes. “You taught me how to ride, Justin.” He looks confused. “I did? Huh.” Katja walks up to me. “Between you and me, he was brainwashed by Mr. Sands, our boss. Us girls weren’t, but Shea was because she was a fighter. She’s your sister.” I don’t say anything.

Jessica walks up to me and smiles. She’s probably a half a year older than me. “Let’s go meet the boss.” she says, grabbing my arm. “NO!” I scream, trying to struggle. “NO, GET AWAY FROM ME!” Shea runs over. “Jess, no. She could blow at any time!” I panic, and feel something bubbling up, through the very marrow of my bones. There’s a blinding flash of lightning, and Jessica is winded on the ground. “Whoops.” I say, flushing red. “Well, looks like she found the Flash Power. Alex would be proud.” says Shea sarcastically.


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