Chapter Two, Part One, Rain Will Fall



   I gasp, trying to process what I just heard. “But… but… but HOW? Why did they want HIM?” I ask, tears spilling over my lower eyelids and cascading down my face. I finally know the truth: Something that Eve kept bottled up deep inside her since I was sent here. “Well… no one really knows. I have suspicions.”

   “What are they?” I ask, grasping this tiny little morsel of precious information in a mental fist. “You. Alicia, no one has told you this, but you are special. When you were small, four riders came to visit you, along with a Cloaked Figure – a Druid of Aideen. You’ve heard the legends. The four riders said you possessed the Soul Powers – powers to destroy Dark Core and their evil works.” I silently nod, gesturing for Eve to go on. “Dark Core somehow found out and they were after you. That’s why your parents moved you here – for safety.”

   “So they’re going to FIND me?” I question, my heart pounding as loud as a stampede of wild ponies. “Eventually, yes…” Eve trails off, then stands up. “No need to worry about that now. Breakfast’s ready.” Eve is dismissing the subject. “I’m really not hungry… may I go upstairs?” Eve nods. “If you must.”

   I walk up the stairs and open my bedroom door. I lock it behind me and while locking it, I hear a sound: a gun being loaded. Whipping around, I sight a broken window, three Dark Core gaurds, and a bald guy in a trench coat. He snickers. “Haha. What do we have here?” He drawls, comically stroking a pretend goatee. “Ge-get away from me, now. I’m special.” I say stupidly. “Yes, we know. Get her, Grim.” Before I can duck, the man pulls a trigger. A sharp dart punctures my calf and I immediately feel drowsy. I slide down the door and glare up at the man.

   “Well, well, well, missie. Looks like we’ve got you.” The bald man strokes my hair. “Such a shame to put all of this beauty to bad use… ah, but Dark Core has to make some sacrifices, eh?” My eyelids droop and I’m out. A comforting blackness takes over.


   I open one eye. “Huh…” I say dreamily., pulling myself into a sitting position. My body aches and there are bruises all over me. I look around. I’m in a cinderblock cell with a hard plank as a bed and a basin of clean, fresh water. “At least there’s a sorta-sink.” I mutter, standing up. A slit on the door opens and two gaurds come in. “HEY!” I yelp as they cuff my hands. “Boss wants to see you, beau’iful.”


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