Chapter One, Part Two of Rain Will Fall

Part Two

I trot through the now-awake city. Gavin, the forgetful guard I sometimes help out, waves. “Hello Carrotcake!” Eh… my pony’s name is Carrotcake. Apparently I said the wrong name when I was switching out light bulbs. “Hullo!” I say, smiling. As I trot, people stare as usual. “C’mon, Rainy…” I mutter, digging my heels into my horse’s side. Rainy Day goes from a trot to a canter, and we exit the city onto the road. The rain whips around my thin figure and thunder crashes behind me, like in my action heroine movie scene I dream about.

We slow to a walk near Goldspur and turn around. We canter back to Grandmother Evina’s, or Eve’s, house. I untack Rainy and put her up in the stable. As I jog back to the house, I see two green-clad figures talking to Eve. Her eyes are wide and frightened. “Eve, what’s wrong?” I shout, slipping between the two mysterious men. “Th-these two men are lo-looking for you. The-they say that you-you’re needed in Greendale. Carrotcake is loose, they say.” I gaze up at one of the guards. Up close, he has on a low hat and weird, X-Ray vision google looking shades. “Um, I just saw my pony in the stable, you dolt.” The man looks down at me. “Oh. Fine. We’ll be going now. Must’ve been the wrong horse, aye Grim?” says the man in a deep, gravelly, English accent. “Yup.” says the one called Grim.

The two weirdos walk off into the rain. I shut the door and hug Eve. “It’s alright. They’re probably some weirdos trying to sell stuff.” But Eve is still shaking. Her long silver hair sways a bit. “Eve, are you okay?” Eve looks down at e and forms a pained smile. “Of course not, Alli. I just hate those men. They’re… uh… some old bullies from school. Don’t you worry.” I glare. “You’re not telling the truth, Eve.” My guardian sighs. “Alright, They’re from a bad organization called Dark Core. Your mother… she thinks that…. before she went insane, that is, she thought that…” Eve breaks off. “What?”

“She thought they killed your father.”


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