A New Story

I decided to write a new story. :P

This is the the prologue of my Star Stable based novel: Rain Will Fall.




Rain fell almost silently in the usually bustling city of Jarlaheim. It was early morning and everyone, including the horses, were sleeping or taking shelter from the bitterly cold wind and rain inside the apartments or houses. Everyone, yes, except 16 year old Alicia Starstruck. She had an odd name, an odd personality, and an odd horse to all the residents of Jorvik Stable, Jarlaheim, and the surrounding areas. Alicia was a perfectly healthy, sane girl with almost black hair, grey-blue eyes, and a perfect nose and lips.

Alicia was born in the quiet, secretive, and almost weird village of Firgrove. Yes, all cities and towns and villages have their secrets, but Firgrove was especially odd. Her parents, knowing that a young girl would like to explore, moved to Jarlaheim. Away from the odd cottage and barn in the mountains, the tunnel manned by G.E.D. workers, and the ghost grave that was supposedly haunted.

Her father had stayed in Firgrove for work – he was an orchard caretaker in Apple Grove, an orchard of apples near Firgrove. A few weeks later, Alicia’s father died mysteriously. Biopsies and tests showed that he did not drop dead of his own accord – he was killed by someone, or something. There was no blood. There was no sickness. Just death. Alicia often wondered about her father. Why did he stay in Firgrove?

Alicia’s mother was not in her right mind after her husband had passed. She had theories about phantoms and serial killers, though Alicia had doubts about this. She simply thought that her father had, well, died. There was a real truth about this tragedy, but young Alicia did not think about it much. It was a vague ponder that she happened upon when in deep thought, her eyebrows creased.

Alicia wandered about the city very often, alone, with her horse. Her mother, who, like I said, was insane, spent the days alone sleeping or crying. Alicia had given up her hopes of consoling her mother, who could not be controlled. So now, the young girl wandered alone.


Hope you liked it, chapter one will be out soon. You can find this under the Stories Tab.


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