Jorvik Riding Academy

I have been officially accepted into Jorvik Riding Academy, or JRA!

Acception Letter

I leave now!


I said good-bye to my home, Jorvik Stables…


A few hours after the departure I arrived with Ginger in Cape West, where we trailered to Jasper’s Farm and from there to the Manor.


I signed in after getting to the Manor… I was exhausted at that point.


I stabled Ginger in the only stall available. She seemed pretty nervous and spooked, but she will come through. I’m exhausted from the ride there… I really need sleep.


Night, everyone. I’m going to bed in the nice, cozy hotel at the Manor.




24 thoughts on “Jorvik Riding Academy

  1. I just got a letter from someone saying

    Dear Ms. Abigail Goldstorm,
    You have been accepted into the Jorvik riding academy. As you know this school is hosted at the silverglade manor. We expect your arrival on April 1st 2014 you will be stabling at the Equestrian centre for a week. You may have a week at home every other week. You shall have access to all riding stables and caring areas. Golden Hills Valley is off limits for new riders. Please bring the following:
    -A classical-specialized horse
    -Proper riding attire
    -Your acception letter
    -Proper equipment
    -Other necessities of your choice

    We Understand that you live in Jarlaheim so we have sent a ticket for the Jorvik ferry.
    Please sign in at reception at 6:45pm sharp. We can’t wait to have you here at the Jorvik Riding Academy.

    Thank you
    Linn Riding instructor, JRA

    I’m so exited! I may put up photos n my website so keep looking,

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