Another Edit

I made another edit involving dresses – I have to say I think I’m obsessed. xD This one isn’t very good because of the hair, I may continue using Sumo Paint for mane, tail, and hair, but Gimp for repositioning and special effects. I believe my editing is getting better in some ways, be it changing clothing, learning Gimp, or anything else. Well enough talking about my success and such, here’s the picture.


© Madelyn Applenight, 2014

The picture depicts me in my party dress at the café on top of the Manor. Right whenever I was going to go down to the library, a Shadow Seeker appeared. The light in my hands in my Soul Rider power. I think the dress turned out pretty well and so did the Shadow Seeker. It was hard editing tables, chairs, and nametags out of the picture but I think I did pretty well considering it’s my first edit doing hair without smudging.


I have also created a ‘The Applenight Gallery’ page for all of my edits. I will start by putting this one here.


Hope you enjoy it; comment if you wish!



14 thoughts on “Another Edit

  1. Glad my tutorial gave you some inspiration lol
    Yea, I do like using GIMP for repositioning and effects, and Sumopaint is good for other stuff, like eyes and so forth.

    My brother also suggested getting Photoshop- I watched him edit some stuff and the program is simple, but everything looks so much better!

    And, he says that it’s much much better than GIMP, so..
    I don’t know.

  2. OmG i love ur edits they are SOOOO Cute! i can only use paint though because its easier and simpler but anyway LUV the edit!

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