Silver Arrows Legacy Olympics

To the members of Silver Arrows Legacy,

Soon there will be the annual Riding Club Olympics. All info is listed below.


Click to enlarge.

Good luck!

Please mail me, Nicole Nightlord, or Simone Lionwood telling what team you would like to be on.

Judges are Simone Lionwood and Nicole Nightlord. I am also a judge.


14 thoughts on “Silver Arrows Legacy Olympics

  1. Oh ok but the club…. Idk which club I am in
    But we could work something out? 😕😪
    I don’t think I should leave my club because I am the only one there and the owner is really sensible and if I leave I could really hurt her feelings…. Idk what to do!!!!
    I am sorry if I am being mean, I am just tired and I feel down because of a dumb test…

  2. I think sim is on my sever
    She is on the North American I think
    I am on the north too
    Stupid math teacher!!!

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