Welcome to The Family

Well I got a new horse. I couldn’t resist it, he is adorable!



This is Marshmallow!

Name: Sapphireshadow aka Marshmallow

Gender: Stallion

Age: 3 years

Size: About 13 hands

Breed: Selle Français

Color: White

Information: Marshmallow is a sweet, caring, and loving stallion who is pretty sensitive. He loves apples, carrots, and oranges. Marshmallow loves to swim and is a great racer. He loves all of his stable mates, but they are still getting used to him.

Sapphire was brought from France with a few other horses of the same breed. He was pampered by his previous owners, but they had to sell him because they were moving away. He was sold to a horse dealer who whipped and mistreated him. Marshmallow was bought by me when I was in a show jumping contest with Ginger in Paris a few weeks ago. I had to convince the man to let me buy the sweet stallion who was beaten into submission by his owner. I felt a bond with Marshmallow as soon as I stroked his neck and fed him an apple. He was shipped to Jorvik within two weeks with other horses that the Baroness had ordered.

Marshmallow is pure white with streaks of light grey in his tail as well as grey rings around his dark, chocolate-brown eyes. His hooves are silver, which means he came from Soul Horse origins.

He only trusts me and the horses as well as my cousin Ally, who gave him his first carrot. (Haha) He doesn’t trust anyone else because of how his owner treated him, not even the stable girl.

I can tell that sweet Marshmallow will grow into a wonderful companion and hunter/jumper. He is REALLY good at jumping and racing.

All comments having to do with hacking and the post Hacks have been deleted.

That picture counted as Swimmingly Saturday.

Chatroom page is up.


26 thoughts on “Welcome to The Family

  1. Marshmallow is so cute! :D I wove him. I also got a new horse that only trusts me and Maddy and her gray arabian (mine is gray too) that are twins. xD So…

  2. Ur starter( I forgot the name ), dark blaze, snow, carrot cake, autumn kiss and marshmallow… I think those are ur horses….

  3. I have five and I get a feeling even tho I don’t know u ally, I get a feeling that u don’t like me…. But I don’t want to start a fight sorry…

  4. Idk just got a feeling….. I can always tell when someone does not like me….. And Madelyn… Uhhhhh I don’t think I am pretty.

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