Hump Day

Yup, it’s here at last! Update time!


Image Finally, a realistic bay horse! I love the mane on the bay. The other Arabian is okay, I like how it looks like it was sprayed with spray paint. The Selle is really cute, and isn’t very expensive. Only 590 star coins! 

ImageNo story quests yet, hmmm. Well at least we got new horses! I can’t buy one thought because I’m saving up. The Arabians are pretty expensive, but their cuteness makes up for it! 

Thoughts: good job SSO. You did well. the Arabs are 910 star coins each. The Selle is in Silverglade Equestrian Center and so is the splatter Arabian. The bay one is in valedale, for those of you wondering. 

I rate this update 8/10!


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